Yoga All-In-One For Dummies

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Everything you need to make yoga an integral part of your healthand well-being

If you want to incorporate yoga into your daily routine or rampup what you're already doing, Yoga All-In-One isthe perfect resource! This complete compendium of six separatetitles features everything you need to improve your health andpeace of mind with yoga, and includes additional on,stretching, meditation, adding weights to your yoga workouts, andpower yoga moves.

Yoga has been shown to have numerous health benefits, rangingfrom better flexibility and athletic to lowered bloodpressure and weight loss. For those who want to take control oftheir health and overall fitness, yoga is the perfect practice.With Yoga All-In-One For Dummies, you'll have everything youneed to get started and become a master of even the toughest yogaposes and techniques.

  • Find out how to incorporate yoga to foster health, happiness,and peace of mind
  • Get a complete resource, featuring information from six titlesthat are packed with tips
  • Use companion workout videos to help you master various yogaposes and techniques that are covered in the book
  • Utilize tips in the book to increase balance, range of motion,flexibility, strength, and overall fitness

Take a deep breath and dive into Yoga All-In-One ForDummies to find out how you can improve your health and yourhappiness by incorporating yoga into your daily routine.

Table of Contents

Book I: Getting Started with Yoga Principles
Chapter 1: Yoga 101: Building a Foundation
Chapter 2: Yoga and the Mind-Body Connection
Chapter 3: Preparing for a Fruitful Yoga Practice

Book II: Basic Yoga Techniques and Postures
Chapter 1: The of Yogic Breathing
Chapter 2: Please Be Seated
Chapter 3: Standing Tall
Chapter 4: Steady as a Tree: Mastering Balance
Chapter 5: Absolutely Abs
Chapter 6: Looking at the World Upside-Down: Safe Inversion Postures
Chapter 7: Classic Bending Floor Postures
Chapter 8: Several Twists on the Yoga Twist
Chapter 9: Dynamic Postures: The Rejuvenation Sequence and Sun Salutation
Chapter 10: Basic Preparation, Compensation, and Poses

Book III: Yoga for Life
Chapter 1: A Recommended Beginners’ Routine for Men and Women
Chapter 2: Yoga for and Teens
Chapter 3: It’s Never Too Late: Yoga for Midlifers and Older Adults

Book IV: Powering Your Way to Fitness: Power Yoga
Chapter 1: Key Principles of Power Yoga
Chapter 2: Preparing with Powerful Warm-Ups
Chapter 3: Taking a Walk in the Park: A Minimum Power Routine
Chapter 4: Following Buddha’s Way: A Moderate Power Routine
Chapter 5: Staying Young: Power Yoga for Seniors

Book V: Yoga-ing Your Way to a Toned Body: Yoga with Weights
Chapter 1: Introducing Yoga with Weights
Chapter 2: Warming Up for Your Yoga with Weights Workout
Chapter 3: From Head to Toe: The Balanced Workout
Chapter 4: Waking Up Your Mind and Body: The Energy Workout
Chapter 5: Exercises for Seniors

Book VI: Ancient Practices in the Modern World: Hot Trends in Yoga
Chapter 1: Partnering Up for Yoga
Chapter 2: Yoga against the Wall
Chapter 3: Yoga off the Mat, in the Heat, and outside the Box

Book VII: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Letting Go of Stress
Chapter 1: How Your Mind Stresses You Out and What You Can Do about It
Chapter 2: Relaxed Like a Noodle: The Fine Art of Letting Go of Stress
Chapter 3: Getting Acquainted with Meditation
Chapter 4: Mindfulness Meditation: Awareness of the Here and Now
Chapter 5: Meditating with Challenging Emotions
Chapter 6: Cultivating Spirituality

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