Web Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach

Book Description

This book by the author of the best-selling : A Practitioner's Approach is unique in its application of software principles to building effective web-based and applications. Roger Pressman and his co-author, David Lowe, offer practical advice to students and professionals alike on how to engineer and maintain complex websites.

Roger Pressman is the leading authority in software engineering and one of the best-known authors in computer science. His new book targets the emerging web engineering market, an area whose parameters and character are still evolving and where an experienced and trusted voice is especially welcome.

This book is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of a pragmatic process for engineering Web-based applications. It is written in an informal, conversational style, using a question and answer format to mentor the reader in this new engineering discipline.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Web-Based Systems
Chapter 2 Web Engineering
Chapter 3 A Web Engineering Process
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Planning
Chapter 6 The Modeling Activity
Chapter 7 Analysis Modeling For Webapps
Chapter 8 Webapp
Chapter 9 Interaction Design
Chapter 10 Information Design
Chapter 11 Functional Design
Chapter 12 And Deployment
Chapter 13 Design Patterns
Chapter 14 Technologies And Tools
Chapter 15 Testing Webapps
Chapter 16 Change And Content Management
Chapter 17 Future Directions

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