Ubuntu 15.04 Server with systemd: Administration and Reference

Book Description

This book is designed as an Ubuntu 15.04 server reference, covering the Ubuntu servers and their support applications. Server tools are covered as well as the underlying configuration files and system implementations. The emphasis is on what administrators will need to know to perform key server support and management tasks. Coverage of the systemd service management system is integrated into the book, replacing the deprecated Upstart system. Topics covered include management, systemd service management, AppArmor security, and the Time Protocol. Key servers are examined, including Web (), FTP (vsftpd), printing (CUPS), NFS, and Samba (Windows). Network support servers and applications covered include the Squid proxy server, the Domain Name System (BIND) server, DHCP, firewalls (IPtables and FirewallD), and cloud .

Table of Contents

Part 1: Getting Started
Chapter 1. Introduction to Ubuntu Linux
Chapter 2. Installing the Ubuntu Server
Chapter 3. Usage Basics: Login, Interfaces, and Help
Chapter 4. Managing Software

Part 2: Services
Chapter 5. Managing Services with systemd
Chapter 6. Mail Servers
Chapter 7. FTP
Chapter 8. Web Servers
Chapter 9. News and Database Services

Part 3: Shared Resources
Chapter 10. Print Services
Chapter 11. Network File , Network Information System, and Distributed Network File : NFS, NIS, and GFS
Chapter 12. Samba
Chapter 13. Cloud Computing

Part 4: Network Support
Chapter 14. Proxy Servers: Squid
Chapter 15. Domain Name System
Chapter 16. Network Auto-configuration with , DHCPv6, and DHCP
Chapter 17. Firewalls
Chapter 18. Administering TCP/IP Networks

Part 5: Shells
Chapter 19. Shells
Chapter 20. Working with files and directories
Chapter 21. Shell Variables and Scripts
Chapter 22. Shell Configuration

Book Details

  • Title: Ubuntu 15.04 Server with systemd: Administration and Reference
  • Author:
  • Length: 596 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2015-05-09
  • ISBN-10: 1936280981
  • ISBN-13: 9781936280988