Typescript 3.0 Projects

Book Description

Learn TypeScript and its latest released features by building 3-4 state of art with the help of modern tooling and third-party front end frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.JS

Key Features

  • Understand and implement TypeScript type system, and how to use it effectively
  • create awesome user experiences and help businesses around the world benefit from better quality applications
  • Integrate modern front-end frameworks, and libraries into your TypeScript based Web Applications

Book Description

TypeScript 3.0 is going to introduce many changes to enhance the developers' experience. With its new types enforcing explicit checks, flexible and scalable ways of project structuring, and many more breaking changes, Typescript is making another milestone in its journey. This book is a practical guide to learn the TypeScript programming language. It covers the very basics to the more advanced concepts.

You will be introduced to modern front-end development tooling such as npm, Webpack, Parcel, Jest, TSLint, codelyzer, Prettier, and others. Armed with those tools, readers will build a production-grade application with automated tests and coverage checking, code quality checking, code style enforcement, and code bundling/minification/uglification. You will build web applications such as todo management, Media management, LyricsFinder, and so on. Throughout the book, the reader will also discover and make use of the most recent additions of the language introduced by TypeScript 3.0.

After this journey, readers will be ready to use TypeScript in their own and will also have a concrete view of the current front-end development .

What you will learn

  • Introduction to modern like Angular, React and Vue.js
  • Modern front-end tooling to use to build production-grade applications
  • Integrating the Apollo GraphQL API client
  • Handle asynchronous processes using libraries like RxJS with vue-rx
  • Understand and Implement Typescript's Type System
  • Implement Functional Programming concepts with TypeScript

Who This Book Is For

This book is for software developers who are willing to discover what TypeScript is and how to leverage it to write great quality software and the developers who are already familiar with TypeScript who wish to know how the language has evolved over time including what has been introduced by most recent releases. Basic knowledge of the Web platform, Web browsers, and JavaScript are expected. CSS is considered nice to have but not mandatory. Basic familiarity with Object Oriented Programming concepts is also expected.

Book Details

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