tvOS Apprentice: Beginning tvOS Development with Swift 2

Book Description

Learn How to Make tvOS !

The tvOS Apprentice teaches you everything you need to know to develop great apps for the Apple TV. Learn how to make tvOS apps in two different ways: via the traditional method using UIKit, and via the new Client-Server method using TVML.

Who This Book Is For:

This book is for any developer interested in Apple TV . Regardless of your experience level, this book is for you! However, the book does assume at least a rudimentary knowledge of .

Topics Covered in The tvOS Apprentice

  • Architecture: There are two different ways to make apps for the Apple TV - learn which is best for you.
  • TVML: Learn how to use TVML templates to implement beautiful interfaces for the Apple TV.
  • TVJS: Learn how to use Javascript to manipulate the TVML .
  • Traditional Apps: Learn how to make make traditional app using native libraries.
  • Focus: Apple TV uses a whole new Focus paradigm to show the user what control is currently selected - learn how this works and what it means for your apps.
  • Animation: Get ready to add some delightful animation to your tvOS apps!
  • Networking: Learn how to download content, , and other assets over the network.
  • User Input and the Controller: Learn how your app can interact with the new Apple TV remote.
  • Video Playback: One of the most common requirements for Apple TV apps will be to play video - learn how to do that here!
  • On Demand Resources: Learn how to use Apple's easy to use storage system, so your app can download assets on the fly.
  • CloudKit: Learn how to use CloudKit on tvOS to store your app's data.
  • In App Purchases: Monetize your app by allowing users to purchase goods.
  • Harnessing the Server: Explore a real-world example with industry standard server technologies.
  • Native UI in TVML Apps: Learn how to augment the TVML-to-UIKit engine to create custom resources, TVML tags, and styling properties.
  • tvOS Design: Learn how to design your apps to fit in well with the tvOS ecosystem.
  • Creating Layered Images: Shows how to create a new kind of image specifically for the TV.
  • The Top Shelf: The Top Shelf is a new design concept that allows your app to show off specific content - learn how to use this in your apps.
  • And Much More: Javascript Crash Course, Server Deployment, Collection Views, Stack Views, and more!

Table of Contents

Section I: Architecture
Chapter 1: Architecture

Section II: TVML Apps
Chapter 2: Hello, TVML
Chapter 3: Beginning TVML
Chapter 4: Intermediate TVML
Chapter 5: TVJS
Chapter 6: Exploiting Native Functionality from within TVML
Chapter 7: Harnessing the Server

Section III: Traditional Apps
Chapter 8: Hello, Traditional App
Chapter 9: Basic Controls
Chapter 10: StackViews
Chapter 11: Collection Views
Chapter 12: Navigation
Chapter 13: Focus
Chapter 14: Animation
Chapter 15: Networking

Section IV: Advanced Frameworks
Chapter 16: User Input and the Controller
Chapter 17: Beginning Video Playback
Chapter 18: Advanced Video Playback
Chapter 19: On-Demand Resources
Chapter 20: Beginning CloudKit
Chapter 21: Advanced CloudKit
Chapter 22: In-App Purchases
Chapter 23: Native UI in TVML Apps

Section V: Design
Chapter 24: tvOS Design
Chapter 25: Creating Layered Images
Chapter 26: The Top Shelf

Section VI: Bonus Chapters
Chapter 27: JavaScript Crash Course
Chapter 28: Server Deployment

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