The New Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain: Based on EMDR

Book Description

Based on the authors 20 years of clinical experience and research using EMDR to treat pain, this book shows how to harness natural brain capacities such as attention, memory and sensory to change the brain activity which maintains pain. The new ‘Change Your Brain Change Your Pain’ offers a combination of insightful and practical real-world strategies for reversing the brain activity which maintains chronic pain and includes; • How to understand your pain in terms of how your brain works. • How to match pain-related problems onto brain activity and choose strategies that target the brain activity involved. • How to use sensory stimulation to change the brain activity associated with pain • 15 x brain-smart bottom-up and top down strategies for overcoming pain. • 40 x activities for reversing the various and emotional effects of chronic pain. • 15 x guided self-help exercises (2 hours of downloads). • Updated information on the connection between stress and pain (e.g. trauma, and attachment problems).

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