The Macro Economy Today, 15th Edition

Book Description

The Macro Today is noted for three great strengths:readability, policy orientation, and effective pedagogy. The accessible writing style engages students and brings the excitement of domestic and global  news into the classroom.

Schiller emphasizes how policymakers must choose between government intervention and market reliance to resolve the core issues of what, how, and for whom to produce. These strategic trade offs are highlighted throughout the full range of micro and international issues, and every chapter ends with a policy issue that emphasizes the vs. government dilemma.

The authors teach in a relevant context, filling chapters with the real facts and applications of economic life. Schiller is also the only text that presents all macro theory in the single consistent context of the AS/AD framework and uniquely features a full supply-side chapter.

The Macro Economy Today, 15th edition, is thoroughly integrated with adaptive tools and dynamic interactive resources available in Connect -- proven to increase student engagement and success.

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