The Healthy Slow Cooker Revolution

Book Description

The third title in our bestselling slow-cooker revolution series tackles the challenge of delivering healthy, fresh recipes from this popular appliance.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Welcome To America’S Test Kitchen
Chapter 2. Preface By Christopher Kimball
Chapter 3. Navigating This E-Book
Chapter 4. Slow Cooker 101
Chapter 5. Soups
Chapter 6. Stews, Chilis, And Curries
Chapter 7. Chicken And Turkey
Chapter 8. Steaks, Chops, Roasts, And More
Chapter 9. Fish And Shellfish
Chapter 10. Pasta
Chapter 11. Casseroles
Chapter 12. For Two
Chapter 13. Vegetable Mains And Sides
Chapter 14. Rice, Grains, And Beans
Chapter 15. Desserts
Chapter 16. Conversions & Equivalencies
Chapter 17. Master Recipe Listing

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