The AS/400 & IBM i RPG & RPGIV Programming Guide

The AS/400 & IBM i RPG & RPGIV Programming Guide Front Cover
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616 pages

Book Description

this book was originally built to be a textbook for university, college, and community college level courses for both the RPG/400 and RPGIV programming languages, the finished product is much more than that. It is also a tutorial, a by-example guide, as well as a complete reference for all IBM i on Power Systems RPG and RPGIV based application development Along with the tutorials to help you learn the language, this guide is also packed with reference material so you do not have to to a new book once you learn the language. For example, there is all the reference help you need to be able to use every op- in RPG/400 and RPGIV as well as mostly all of the built-in functions BIF that you may ever need to use. If you are looking for how to use the new RPGIV keywords and the exclusive ‘D’ Spec, it’s got that too! There are lots of RPG books but there has never been an RPG book like this. Instead of arguing about the merits of RPG/400, the cycle, and the modern feel of ILE RPG, this book teaches it all. You’ll be pleased with all the valuable explanations right up to v 7.2. with super examples. You won’t want to put down this comprehensive guide to learning AS/400 and IBM i RPG & RPGIV now that you’ve got your hands on it. This book is almost 50 years overdue.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to the RPG Language
Chapter 2 The History of the RPG Language
Chapter 3 Understanding the RPG Fixed Cycle
Chapter 4 Developing RPG Applications
Chapter 5 Your First RPG Program
Chapter 6 The Specifics of RPG –Control Spec.
Chapter 7 The Specifics of RPG Coding –File Desc. & Line Counter
Chapter 8 The Specifics of RPG Coding –Input – by Example
Chapter 9 The Specifics of RPG Coding – Input Structures, Constants
Chapter 10 The Specifics of RPG Coding –Calculations by Example
Chapter 11 The Specifics of RPG Coding – Output – by Example
Chapter 12 Decoding and Debugging RPG Programs
Chapter 13 Introduction to RPGIV
Chapter 14 RPG (/400) Operations
Chapter 15 RPGIV Operations and Built-In Functions
Chapter 16 RPG Arrays and Programming Structures
Chapter 17 RPG Data Structures
Chapter 18 String Coding In RPG
Chapter 19 RPG/400 & RPGIV Structured Programming
Chapter 20 Interactive RPG Programming
Chapter 21 RPG Subfile Programming
Chapter 22 RPG & Inter-Program Operations & I/O
Chapter 23 Case Study Part I: RPG Operations in Action
Chapter 24 Case Study Part II: RPG Operations in Action
Chapter 25 ILE & Static Binding-- .
Chapter 26 RPGIV Procedures and Functions
Chapter 27 Free Format RPG /FREE
Chapter 28 Using Embedded in RPG Programs
Chapter 29 Last Chapter -- Latest & Greatest in RPG IV

Book Details

  • Title: The AS/400 & IBM i RPG & RPGIV Programming Guide
  • Author:
  • Length: 616 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2016-10-20
  • ISBN-10: 0998268313
  • ISBN-13: 9780998268316