Tableau 10 Bootcamp

Book Description

Key Features

  • Make informed decisions using powerful visualizations in Tableau.
  • Learn effective data storytelling to transform how your uses ideas.
  • Use this extensive bootcamp that makes you efficient Tableau user in short span of time

Book Description

Tableau 10 Bootcamp delivers practical, learning in manageable chunks. Each chunk is delivered in a "day", and each "day" is a productive day. Each day builds your competency in Tableau. You will increases your competence in integrating and forecasting to enhance during the course of this Bootcamp.

Each chapter presents core concepts and key takeaways about a topic in Tableau and provides a series of hands-on exercises. In addition to these exercises, at the end of the chapter you will find self-check quizzes and extra drills to challenge you to take what you learned to the next level. In totality this bootcamp book will equip the readers with step-by-step instruction through rigorous tasks, Practical callouts, various real world examples and assignments to reinforce your understanding of Tableau 10.

What you will learn

  • Complete practical Tableau tasks with each chapter
  • Build different types of charts in Tableau with ease
  • Extend data using calculated fields and parameters
  • Prepare and refine data for
  • Create engaging and interactive dashboards
  • Present data effectively using story points

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Creating Your First and Dashboard
Chapter 2. Interactivity
Chapter 3. Moving from Foundational to More Advanced Visualizations
Chapter 4. Dashboards and Story Points
Chapter 5. Data Preparation
Chapter 6. Using Row-Level, Aggregate, and Level of Detail Calculations
Chapter 7. Table Calculations
Chapter 8. Formatting Visualizations to Look Great and Work Well
Chapter 9. Advanced Visualizations, Techniques, Tips, and Tricks
Chapter 10. Sharing Your Data Story

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