System Center Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed

Book Description

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager’s contains valuable information about your users, computers, hardware, operating systems, applications, compliance status, and much more. Microsoft has provided excellent tools for extracting this information in meaningful ways, including SQL Server Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Data Tools Intelligence (SSDT-BI). System Center Configuration Manager Unleashed shows you how to make the most of these tools.

World-renowned System Center reporting guru Garth Jones and his expert coauthors guide you through all facets of custom reporting with System Center. You’ll walk through installing and configuring SSRS, using SQL views to find the data you need, writing SQL queries, creating basic and advanced reports, and using role-based to securely deliver those reports to the correct individuals.

Jones brings together reliable, comprehensive, and up-to-date System Center reporting techniques you’ll find in no other book or website. Using this guide, you can consistently retrieve the right information to solve immediate problems and quickly respond to management concerns.

Detailed information on how to…

  • Install and configure SQL SSRS for optimal System Center reporting and easier troubleshooting
  • Understand the data stored in the ConfigMgr site database
  • Efficiently retrieve ConfigMgr data by writing SQL queries in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Learn best practices for developing and designing System Center reports
  • Create report templates, customize content with report parameters, and embed charts
  • Customize logos, color palettes, and other report elements for your own organization
  • Construct advanced drillthroughs to provide deeper understanding
  • Strengthen report security by integrating ConfigMgr role-based administration into SQL queries
  • Leverage reporting to measure and gain a better understanding of your environment
  • Tailor your reports to the needs of end-users or management
  • Foreword by Wally Mead, Principal Program Manager, Cireson

The only book entirely dedicated to Configuration Manager reporting, this guide complements Meyler's System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Unleashed, offering far more in-depth coverage of reporting than the single chapter in that book. Most of the content in this new guide will be equally valuable in both System Center 2016 and 2012 environments.

Table of Contents

Part I Installing and Configuring SSRS for Configuration Manager
Chapter 1 Installing Sql Server Reporting Services
Chapter 2 Installing And Configuring Configuration Manager Reporting

Part II About Data and Retrieval
Chapter 3 Understanding Configuration Manager Data
Chapter 4 Transact-Sql Primer

Part III Using SSRS for Configuration Manager Reporting
Chapter 5 Basic Report Design
Chapter 6 Building A Basic Report
Chapter 7 Intermediate Reporting Concepts
Chapter 8 Ssrs Reporting Features
Chapter 9 Role-Based Administration And Reporting

Part IV Appendixes
Appendix A Glossary
Appendix B Demonstration Outcomes
Appendix C Available Online

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