System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch Unleashed

Book Description

System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch provides a total systems management solution for a people-centric world. It can deploy applications to individuals using virtually any device or platform, centralizing and automating management across on-premise, provider, and Microsoft environments. In System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch Unleashed, a team of world-renowned System Center experts shows you how to make the most of this powerful toolset.

The authors begin by introducing modern systems management and offering practical strategies for coherently managing today’s IT infrastructures. Drawing on their immense consulting experience, they offer expert guidance for ConfigMgr planning, architecture, and implementation. You’ll walk through efficiently performing a wide spectrum of ConfigMgr operations, from managing clients, updates, and compliance to reporting. Finally, you’ll find current best practices for administering ConfigMgr, from security to backups.

Detailed information on how to:

  • Successfully manage distributed, people-centric, cloud-focused IT environments
  • Optimize ConfigMgr architecture, design, and deployment plans to reflect your environment
  • Smoothly install ConfigMgr Current Branch and migrate from Configuration Manager 2012
  • Save time and improve efficiency by automating system management
  • Use the console to centralize control over infrastructure, , users, and devices
  • Discover and manage clients running Windows, macOS, Linux, and UNIX
  • Define, monitor, enforce, remediate, and report on all aspects of configuration compliance
  • Deliver the right software to the right people with ConfigMgr applications and deployment types
  • Reliably manage patches and updates, including Office 365 client updates
  • Integrate Intune to manage on-premise and mobile devices through a single console
  • Secure to corporate resources from mobile devices
  • Manage Microsoft’s enterprise antimalware platform with System Center Endpoint Protection

Using this guide’s proven techniques and comprehensive reference information, you can maximize the value of ConfigMgr in your environment–no matter how complex it is or how quickly it’s changing.

Table of Contents

Part I Configuration Manager Overview and Concepts
Chapter 1 Configuration Management Basics
Chapter 2 Configuration Manager Overview
Chapter 3 Looking Inside Configuration Manager

Part II Planning and Installation
Chapter 4 Architecture Design Planning
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Installing And Updating System Center Configuration Manager
Chapter 7 Upgrading And Migrating To Configmgr Current Branch

Part III Configuration Manager Operations
Chapter 8 Using The Configuration Manager Console
Chapter 9 Client Management
Chapter 10 Managing Compliance
Chapter 11 Creating And Managing Applications
Chapter 12 Creating And Using Deployment Types
Chapter 13 Creating And Managing Packages And Programs
Chapter 14 Distributing And Deploying Applications And Packages
Chapter 15 Managing Software Updates
Chapter 16 Integrating Intune Into Your Configuration Manager Environment
Chapter 17 Managing Mobile Devices
Chapter 18 Conditional Access In Configuration Manager
Chapter 19 Endpoint Protection
Chapter 20 Configuration Manager Queries
Chapter 21 Configuration Manager Reporting
Chapter 22 Operating System Deployment

Part IV Configuration Manager Administration
Chapter 23 Security And Delegation In Configuration Manager
Chapter 24 Backup, Recovery, And Maintenance

Part V Appendixes
Appendix A Configuration Manager Log Files
Appendix B Co-Managing Microsoft Intune And Configmgr
Appendix C Reference Urls
Appendix D Available Online
Appendix E (Online Only) Extending Hardware Inventory

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