Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Book Description

Through the authors' carefully constructed explanations and examples, you will develop an understanding of grammar and the elements of effective style. At the same time, you will learn how to navigate and get the most out of Apple's documentation. In addition, throughout the book, the authors share their insights into Swift to ensure that you understand the hows and whys of Swift and can put that understanding to use in different contexts.

After working through this book, you will have the knowledge and confidence to develop your own solutions to a wide range of challenges using Swift.

Table of Contents

Part I. Getting Started
Chapter 1. Getting Started
Chapter 2. Types, Constants, and Variables

Part II. The Basics
Chapter 3. Conditionals
Chapter 4. Numbers
Chapter 5.
Chapter 6. Loops
Chapter 7. Strings
Chapter 8. Optionals

Part III. Collections and Functions
Chapter 9. Arrays
Chapter 10. Dictionaries
Chapter 11. Sets
Chapter 12. Functions
Chapter 13. Closures

Part IV. Enumerations, Structures, and Classes
Chapter 14. Enumerations
Chapter 15. Structs and Classes
Chapter 16. Properties
Chapter 17. Initialization
Chapter 18. Value vs. Reference Types

Part V. Advanced Swift
Chapter 19. Protocols
Chapter 20. Error Handling
Chapter 21. Extensions
Chapter 22. Generics
Chapter 23. Protocol Extensions
Chapter 24. Memory and ARC
Chapter 25. Equatable and Comparable

Part VI. -Driven Applications
Chapter 26. Your First Cocoa Application
Chapter 27. Your First iOS Application
Chapter 28. Interoperability
Chapter 29. Conclusion

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