Swift Data Structure and Algorithms

Book Description

Master the most common algorithms and , and learn how to implement them efficiently using the most up-to-date features of 3 About This Book Develop a deep understanding of the collections in the Standard Library with this step-by-step guide Develop native and algorithms for use in , , and server-based applications Learn about performance efficiency between different data structures and algorithms Who This Book Is For This book is for developers who want to learn how to implement and use common data structures and algorithms natively in Swift. Whether you are a self-taught developer without a formal technical background or you have a degree in Computer Science, this book will provide with the knowledge you need to develop advanced data structures and algorithms in Swift using the latest language features. What You Will Learn Get to know about the basic data structures and how to use the Swift REPL Use the Swift Standard Library collections bridging to collections, and find out about protocol-oriented programming Find out about Swift generators and sequences, and see how to use them to implement advanced data structures such as Stack, StackList, Queue, and LinkedList Implement sorting algorithms such as Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, and Quick Sort and understand the performance trade-offs between them See how to implement various binary trees, B-Tree, and Splay Trees Perform advanced searching methods using Red-Black trees, AVL trees, and Trie trees, and take a look at several substring search algorithms Get to know about the data structures used in graphs and how to implement graphs such as depth-first search, breadth-first search, directed graphs, spanning tree, and shortest path Explore efficiency and see how to measure it In Detail Apple’s Swift language has expressive features that are familiar to those working with modern

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Walking Across the Playground
Chapter 2. Working with Commonly Used Data Structures
Chapter 3. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Chapter 4. Sorting Algorithms
Chapter 5. Seeing the Forest through the Tree
Chapter 6. Advanced Searching Methods
Chapter 7. Graph Algorithms
Chapter 8. Performance and Algorithm Efficiency
Chapter 9. Choosing the Perfect Algorithm

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