Supercharged Python: Take Your Code to the Next Level

Book Description

Tapping into the full power of Python doesn’t have to be difficult. Supercharged Python is written for people who’ve learned the of the language but want to take their skills to the next level.

Using the example-driven approach featured in Python Without Fear, Brian Overland and John Bennett start with simple examples and carefully build more complex applications. After briefly reviewing the fundamental concepts of Python, the authors carefully explain more advanced topics, including text formatting, , and chart plotting.

The book reviews advanced techniques for list and string classes, and then covers all the ways of handling text and binary files; decimal, money, and other special classes; advanced techniques for writing classes; generators and decorators; and the random, math, and Numpy (Numeric Python) packages, which can supercharge your applications.

  • Use profilers and “magic methods” to code like a pro
  • Harness the power of regular expressions to process text quickly with a single statement
  • Take advantage of 22 shortcuts, along with performance tips to save time and optimize your code
  • Create really useful classes and objects, for games, simulations, money, mathematics, and more
  • Use multiple to build powerful while avoiding the “gotchas”
  • Import packages to dramatically speed up statistical operations—by as much as 100 times!
  • Refer to the five-part language reference to look up fine points of the language

Supercharged Python demonstrates techniques that allow you to write faster and more powerful code, whether you’re manipulating large amounts of data or building sophisticated applications.

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