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Insight and actionable on keeping your brain sharp as you age

Your brain controls who you are—how you think, feel, and act. As you age, it's not uncommon to want to remain as sharp and "with it" as you were in your younger years. Whether you want to hone your memory, manage stress and anxiety, or simply eat brain-healthy food, Staying Sharp shows you how to keep your mind sharp, agile, and creative well into your golden years.

Research shows anyone can improve brain performance—and it's never too late to make changes to achieve your optimal brain . While brain exercises certainly help, it's also vital to promote healthier living as a holistic way to support brain . Staying Sharp For Dummies explains how keeping physically fit, eating right, managing stress, and even connecting with others helps give your brain the boost it needs to stay sharp—well into your golden years.

  • Build a better brain through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and brain workouts
  • Cope with a specific brain disorder, such as stroke, Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's
  • Stay sharp and improve memory and concentration
  • an online bonus chapter from Alzheimer's For Dummies and Dementia For Dummies

If you or a loved one are looking for authoritative, accessible guidance on staying sharp, this essential guide endorsed by the American Geriatric Society and the American Geriatric Society Health in Aging Foundation covers the gamut of lifestyle and activity changes that can maximize brain function and health.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Getting Started with Staying Sharp
Chapter 1: Training Your Brain
Chapter 2: Improving Your Language Skills
Chapter 3: Sparking Your Creativity
Chapter 4: Recognizing Faces and Remembering Directions
Chapter 5: Getting a Handle on Brain Games
Chapter 6: Puzzles

Part 2: Boosting Your Memory
Chapter 7: Cultivating Your Memory Skills
Chapter 8: Discovering How Your Brain Remembers
Chapter 9: Memory Tricks and Tips
Chapter 10: Keeping Your Memory Sharp as You Grow Older
Chapter 11: Schooling Memory
Chapter 12: Honing Your Long-Term Memory
Chapter 13: Improving Your Short-Term Memory
Chapter 14: Keeping Your Memory Intact in a High-Speed World

Part 3: Managing Stress: Relaxing Mind and Body
Chapter 15: Understanding Stress
Chapter 16: Relaxing Your Body
Chapter 17: Stress-Reducing Skills
Chapter 18: Meditation 101

Part 4: Improving Your Lifestyle: Nutrition and Exercise
Chapter 19: Eating, Exercising, and Getting Your Zzzs
Chapter 20: Maintaining a Healthy Weight and Fitness Level
Chapter 21: Considering a Plant-Based Diet
Chapter 22: The Skinny on Superfoods

Part 5: Healthy Aging
Chapter 23: The Four Major Health Concerns as You Age
Chapter 24: Evaluating Your Health and History and Setting Goals for Wellness
Chapter 25: Stroke Factors and Prevention
Chapter 26: Don’t Worry, Be Happy: The Keys to Maintaining Health and Vitality

Part 6: The Part of Tens
Chapter 27: Ten Ways to Make Your Home Safer as You Age
Chapter 28: Ten (Plus) Almost-Superfoods that Can Help Round Out Your Diet

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  • Publication Date: 2016-04-18
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