SQL for beginners: The simplified beginner’s guide

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for beginners: The simplified beginner's guide, to learn and understand language computer programming, data analytics, database design and server. Including basic and exercise.

The truth is: A lot of tech enthusiasts trying to develop web and applications are not aware of the most important means of storing and modifying data.

Are you a developer who is looking forward to learning how to easily query and update data? Are you someone who is looking forward to continuing your expertise in Database ? Read on... If you are a programmer you should be aware that data is the essential entity for the success of applications and database query languages are necessary for easy manipulation of data. But are you confused about choosing a query language for your applications?

Don't panic because we provide you with a solution in the form of SQL. SQL is one of the most famous database query languages that have taken over almost three-fourths of the internet. The reason for its excellent adaptability is its simplicity. It is also a well-learned language that can increase database optimization capabilities.

Learning SQL is a must for any developer nowadays. You can even continue your career as a database administrator if things turn out well in your learning curve. But a lot of enthusiast programmers often backup during the initial learning process due to a bad guide or reference book they will catch up on usually. But don't worry now because you are on the right hands looking at one of the best SQL programming books available in the market that is concise and practical at the same time.

DOWNLOAD: SQL FOR BEGINNERS (The simplified beginner’s guide, to learn and understand SQL language computer programming, data analytics, database design, and server. Including basic project and exercise)

SQL has a lot of sub-topics to be learned and dealt with care. While learning SQL it is important to practice the code and SQL DDL statements that come with it. A good guide for SQL should provide not only layman explanations but also an of practical project experience.

The goal of this book is simple: We want to help beginners learn the functionalities of SQL in a very easy guide that covers all the topics but also serving as a reference for already experienced programmers. We in this book provide layman explanations to all the SQL concepts that are necessary for becoming an efficient database administrator. Teaching SQL is our passion because it can help us develop enthusiast software professionals who can curate the messed up data available all over.

You Will Also Learn :

  • What is SQL?
  • What is a Relational Database?
  • What are Data Definition Languages?
  • What is Advanced Join Queries?
  • What are the views and how to update them?
  • Database Security model
  • Recovery  
  • Backup techniques
  • How to select data?
  • How to update and delete data?
  • What are stored routines in general?
  • A brief explanation about control flow tools
  • A comprehensive guide for functions ( Both system and user-made)
  • A brief look at some of the projects

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  • Title: SQL for beginners: The simplified beginner’s guide
  • Author:
  • Length: 119 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publication Date: 2020-01-30
  • ISBN-10: B084CSQK5X