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Resource rule is one of the biggest resources of a software . However if not managed well, it can become a big responsibility. As source rule becomes larger. more complicated and utilized via the reasoning, maintaining rule top quality becomes even more challenging. The writer provides straightforward resources and advice on how to manage rule top quality in this new environment. Learn how to build an entertaining source rule statistics system using Roslyn and JavaScript. This brief 150 page book will help you create and use practical rule research resources utilizing the new features of Microsoft’s Roslyn compiler to understand the of your rule and recognize parts of the rule for refactoring.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Groundhog Day
Chapter 2. Secure Data
Chapter 3. Ios7 - The Seven Best New Features (Apart From The Graphics)
Chapter 4. When Your Tv Watches You - Lessons Learned From Lg'S Smartad Program
Chapter 5. Hp Tippingpoint – Analysis Of The Protection Filters
Chapter 6. They Are Watching - How Google And Facebook Track You Without Telling You
Chapter 7. Security Enhanced
Chapter 8. Vulnerability Disclosure: Revisited – Or How Snapchat Refuses To Learn
Chapter 9. Securing Logs In Motion
Chapter 10. On The Use Of Security Concepts
Chapter 11. Windows 8 Baseline Skeleton
Chapter 12. Security Of Unified Communications Using Microsoft Lync As An Example
Chapter 13. A Look Fifteen Minutes Into The Future – What Might Happen With Our Tech
Chapter 14. Permissions – A Top-500 Analysis 2014
Chapter 15. The Worth Of Information Security In Everyday Life - Tilting At Windmills
Chapter 16. Firewalls - Rules To Rule The Rules
Chapter 17. How To Handle Breach Incidents Involving Personal Information
Chapter 18. Powershell - One Tool To Rule Them All
Chapter 19. Source Code Analysis - A Beginner'S Guide
Chapter 20. O Twitter, Where Art Thou?
Chapter 21. Reversing Jsxbin File Type
Chapter 22. Security Conferences - A Waste Of Time?
Chapter 23. Car Hacking - An Overview
Chapter 24. The Value Of It General Controls In An Organization
Chapter 25. Functionality Testing A Ids/
Chapter 26. Windows Passwords - A Well-Known Secret?
Chapter 27. Wearables - New Freedom
Chapter 28. Wearables - Technology On The Body
Chapter 29. Wearables - New Threats
Chapter 30. Wearables - No Privacy For Your Biometry
Chapter 31. Wearables - A Look Ahead
Chapter 32. Kerberos Key Distribution Center Proxy Protocol
Chapter 33. Google Glass – A Snapshot
Chapter 34. Utm Solutions Evaluation In Virtual Environments
Chapter 35. File Integrity Checker Policy
Chapter 36. Organizational Aspects When Protecting Business Information And Records
Chapter 37. The Basics Of Dnssec
Chapter 38. Skype As A Security Risk
Chapter 39. Data Correlation – How It Works
Chapter 40. Android Lab Based On Virtual Devices
Chapter 41. Bug Bounties - Getting That Free Netscape Mug
Chapter 42. Designing Filters For Elk
Chapter 43. Collecting Windows Logs With Nxlog
Chapter 44. About Scip Ag
Chapter 45. Imprint

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  • Title: Source Code Analysis
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  • Length: 598 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publication Date: 2018-07-14
  • ISBN-10: B07FLL5NNX