Software System Design and Modeling

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Software System and Modeling: A Tutorial for Designing and Modeling Software before Starting

The Software System Design and Modeling enables us to view software in term of system. When designing a system, then we start with the system requirement and then translate the system requirement to a real product. By using the concept presented in this book, it is possible for us to design and model a system from the system requirement and then produce the UML model of the system before starting coding. Some key topics that are discussed in this book include: multiple view of a system, requirement interpretation, requirement application, requirement duplication, system function and problem solved by system, agile and methodology, fixed system requirement and non-fixed requirement, incremental process and more. Using the tools from the book, you can develop a system with full lifecycle. As time goes on the tools from the book make it possible to update parts of the system that needs to be updated without any frustration rather than reinventing the wheel.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 System Component Identification Software System from Idea
Chapter 2 Software System Design Tutorial Design Example
Chapter 3 Understanding System Development System Requirement
Chapter 4 SLPSoft Software System Design & Modeling Tutorial
Chapter 5 Bonus Chapter Software System Design Software Development Management Approach of Group

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