Software Engineering for Real-time Systems Volume 2: Designing and Developing Real-time Software

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for Real-time Systems, a three-volume book-set, aims to provide a firm foundation in the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to develop and produce real-time, and in particular, embedded systems. Their core purpose is to convince readers that these systems need to be engineered in a rigorous, professional and organised way.

The purpose of Volume 2 is to introduce key practical issues met in the analysis, design and development of real-time software. Opening this are two chapters concerned with a core aspect of modern software development: diagramming. Chapter 1, a groundwork chapter, explains why diagrams and diagramming are important, what we achieve by using diagrams and the types used in the software development process. Chapter 2 extends this material showing diagrams that are in common use, are integral to mainstream design methods and are supported by computer-based tools.

Next to be covered are code-related topics, including code development, code organization and packaging and the integration of program . This includes fundamental program design and techniques, component technology, the programming needs of embedded systems, and how mainstream programming languages meet these requirements.

The concluding chapter of shows the application of these aspects to practical software development. It looks at the overall specification-to- process using a variety of techniques: structured, data flow, , model driven and model based.

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The author: Jim Cooling has had many years experience in the area of real-time embedded systems, including electronic, software and system design, project , consultancy, education and course development. He has published extensively on the subject, his books covering many aspects of embedded-systems work such as real-time interfacing, programming, software design and software engineering. Currently he is a partner in Lindentree Associates (which he formed in 1998), providing consultancy and training for real-time embedded systems. See:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Diagramming - an introduction
Chapter 2 Practical diagramming methods
Chapter 3 Designing and constructing software - code-related issues
Chapter 4 Software analysis and design - methods and methodologies

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  • Title: Software Engineering for Real-time Systems Volume 2: Designing and Developing Real-time Software
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  • Publication Date: 2018-06-27
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