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Tie customer-driven strategies to operations and process management, and sharpen your focus on creating customer value throughout your entire organization! This comprehensive, multidisciplinary reference thoroughly covers today's most effective theories and methods for managing organizations, drawing on innovative insights from economics, consumer behavior, marketing, strategy, and operations management. Leading experts Cengiz Haksever and Barry Render provide crucial insights into emerging and supply chain topics, reinforcing key points with up-to-date case studies. Service Management contains a valuable chapter-length introduction to linear and goal programming and its services applications; and also addresses many other topics ignored by competitive texts, such as:

  • Service SCM methods and approaches
  • Focusing on customers and their service purchase behavior
  • Service productivity
  • Managing public and private nonprofit service organizations
  • Vehicle routing and scheduling
  • Ethical challenges to SCM

Service Management will be an invaluable resource for senior and mid-level managers throughout any service organization, and for students and faculty in any graduate or upper-level undergraduate program in service management, service operations management, or operations management

Table of Contents

Part I: Understanding Services
Chapter 1 The Important Role Services Play in an Economy
Chapter 2 The Nature of Services and Service Encounters
Chapter 3 Customers: The Focus of Service Management
Chapter 4 Globalization of Services
Chapter 5 and Competitiveness
Chapter 6 Ethical Challenges in Service Management

Part II: Building the Service System
Chapter 7 and Its Impact on Services and Their Management
Chapter 8 Design and Development of Services and Service Delivery Systems
Chapter 9 in Services and Their Management
Chapter 10 Locating Facilities and Designing Their Layout

Part III: Operating the Service System
Chapter 11 Managing Demand and Supply in Services
Chapter 11 Supplement Queuing and Simulation
Chapter 12 Service Quality and Continuous Improvement
Chapter 12 Supplement Tools and Techniques of Total Quality Management
Chapter 13 Service Productivity and Measurement of Performance
Chapter 14 Management of Public and Private Nonprofit Service Organizations

Part IV: Tools and Techniques for Managing Service Operations
Chapter 15 Forecasting Demand for Services
Chapter 16 Vehicle Routing and Scheduling
Chapter 17 Management
Chapter 18 Linear and Goal Programming Applications for Services
Chapter 19 Service Inventory Systems

Appendix Areas Under the Standard Normal Curve

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