SEO for WordPress: “How I Hit Page #1 of Google In 27 days!” (Volume 3)

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SEO for WordPress: "How I Hit Page #1 of In 27 Days!"

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"Introducing a Simple And Even Easier Step-by-Step System to Get on Page #1 of Google...Fast!

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  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Keyword
  • WordPress Optimization
  • How to Use PermalinksĀ 
  • How to Use Tags Correctly
  • How to Structure Your First Paragraphs
  • Keyword Density Tips
  • How to Structure Your Last Paragraphs
  • How to Optimize Your ImagesĀ 
  • Plugin Settings
  • How to Use Categories to Improve Your On-Page SEO
  • How to Analyze Your On-page SEO for FREE and Fix Errors Fast
  • Proven Off Page Optimization Tactics
  • How to Boost Your Rankings with RSS Feeds
  • How to Piggyback Authority Websites to Rank for Competitive Keyword Phrases.
  • YouTube Tips..and more

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  • No technical knowledge is required to apply the steps in this book.
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  • Step-by-Step SEO forumla for complete beginners

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Advanced Keyword Research
Chapter 2 - Keyword Analysis
Chapter 3 - SEO & Web Hosting
Chapter 4 - WordPress Setup & SEO
Chapter 5 - WordPress Optimization: Homepage
Chapter 6 - WordPress Optimization: Pages & Blog Posts
Chapter 7 - Analyze Your On-Page SEO For Free
Chapter 8 - Off-Page Optimization
Chapter 9 - Tiered backlinks (Backlink Pyramids)
Chapter 10 - Boost Your Rankings With RSS Feeds
Chapter 11 - Get Your Backlinks Found By Google, Fast!
Chapter 12 - Track Your Rankings
Chapter 13 - Piggyback Method
Chapter 14 - Automated Tools (Greyhat & Blackhat SEO)
Chapter 15 - Google Places & Listings

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