Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook, 2nd Edition

Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook, 2nd Edition Front Cover
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560 pages

Book Description

Thoroughly Revised, State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Design, Manufacturing, and Operations

Written by 70 international experts and reviewed by a seasoned technical advisory board, this fully updated resource clearly explains the cutting-edge processes used in the design and fabrication of IC chips, MEMS, sensors, and other electronic devices. Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook, Second Edition, covers the emerging technologies that enable the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, data analytics, , augmented reality, and and smart manufacturing. You will get complete details on semiconductor fundamentals, front- and back-end processes, nanotechnology, photovoltaics, gases and chemicals, fab yield, and operations and facilities.

  • Nanotechnology and microsystems manufacturing
  • FinFET and nanoscale silicide formation
  • Physical design for high-performance, low-power circuits
  • Epitaxi, anneals, RTP, and oxidation
  • Microlithography, etching, and ion implantations
  • Physical, chemical, electrochemical, and atomic layer vapor deposition
  • Chemical mechanical planarization
  • Atomic force  metrology
  • Packaging, bonding, and interconnects
  • Flexible hybrid electronics
  • Flat-panel,flexible display electronics, and photovoltaics
  • Gas distribution
  • Ultrapure water and filtration
  • Process chemicals handling and abatement
  • Chemical and slurry handling systems
  • Yield management, CIM, and factory automation
  • Manufacturing execution systems
  • Advanced process control
  • Airborne molecular contamination
  • ESD controls in clean-room environments
  • Vacuum systems and RF plasma systems
  • IC manufacturing parts cleaning technology
  • Vibration and noise design
  • And much more

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Semiconductor Manufacturing, the Internet of Things, and Sustainability Hwaiyu Geng
Chapter 2. Nanotechnology and Nanomanufacturing: From Silicon to New Carbon-Based Materials and Beyond Michael A. Huff
Chapter 3. Fundamentals of FinFET and Recent Advances in Nanoscale Silicide Formation L. P. Ren, Yi-Chia Chou, and K. N. Tu
Chapter 4. Foundations of Microsystems Manufacturing: An Empowering Technology for the IoT Michael A. Huff
Chapter 5. Physical Design for High-Performance, Low-Power, and Reliable 3D Integrated Circuits Ankur Srivastava and Tiantao Lu

Chapter 6. Epitaxy Jamal Ramdani
Chapter 7. Thermal Processing: Anneals, RTP, and Oxidation David L. O’Meara
Chapter 8. Microlithography Chris A. Mack
Chapter 9. Etching Nandita DasGupta
Chapter 10. Ion Implantation Bo Vanderberg and Mike Ameen
Chapter 11. Introduction to Physical Vapor Deposition Florian Solzbacher
Chapter 12. Chemical Vapor Deposition Bin Dong, M. Sky Driver, and Jeffry A. Kelber
Chapter 13. Atomic Layer Deposition Eric T. Eisenbraun
Chapter 14. Electrochemical Deposition John Klocke
Chapter 15. Fundamentals of Chemical Mechanical Planarization Gautam Banerjee
Chapter 16. AFM Metrology Ardavan Zandiatashbar

Chapter 17. Wafer Thinning and Singulation Youngsuk Kim, Sumio Masuchi, Noriko Ito, and Miyuki Hirose
Chapter 18. Packaging Michael Töpper and Dietrich Tönnies
Chapter 19. Bonding Fundamentals Ivy Qin
Chapter 20. Interconnects Reliability Roey Shavivs
Chapter 21. Automatic Test Equipment A. T. Sivaram

Chapter 22. Printed Electronics: , Materials, Processes, and Applications Kan Wang, Yung-Hang Chang, Ben Wang, and Chuck Zhang
Chapter 23. Flexible Hybrid Electronics Rich Chaney
Chapter 24. Flexible Electronics Dan Xie and Yilin Sun
Chapter 25. RF Printed Electronics: Communication, Sensing, and Energy Harvesting for the Internet of Things and Smart Skin Applications Bijan K. Tehrani and Manos (Emmanouil) M. Tentzeris
Chapter 26. Printing of Nanoscale Electronics and Power Electronics Cihan Yilmaz and Ahmed Busnaina
Chapter 27. 3D Interconnects in Flexible Electronics Cihan Yilmaz and Ahmed Busnaina
Chapter 28. Materials for the Manufacturing of an Inkjet Printed Touch Sensor Nesrine Kammoun, Christian Renninger, and Norbert Fruehauf
Chapter 29. Flat-Panel and Flexible Display Technology Cheng-Chung Lee, Yung-Hui Yeh, Yuh-Zheng Lee, and David N. Liu
Chapter 30. Photovoltaics Fundamentals, Manufacturing, Installation, and Operations Jun Zhuge

Chapter 31. Gas Distribution Systems Kenneth Grosser, James McAndrew, and Tracey Jacksier
Chapter 32. Fundamentals of Ultrapure Water Vyacheslay (Slava) Libman
Chapter 33. Process Chemicals, Handling, and Abatement Daniel Fuchs
Chapter 34. Filtration Barry Gotlinsky
Chapter 35. Chemical and Slurry Handling Systems Kristin Cavicchi

Chapter 36. Yield Management Dieter Rathei
Chapter 37. CIM and Factory Automation Clint Haris
Chapter 38. MES Fundamentals Julie Fraser
Chapter 39. Advanced Process Control Raymond van Roijen
Chapter 40. Airborne Molecular Contamination Chris Muller
Chapter 41. ESD Controls in Cleanroom Environments Larry Levit
Chapter 42. Vacuum Systems Michael R. Czerniak
Chapter 43. Control of RF Plasma Processing David J. Coumou
Chapter 44. IC Manufacturing Equipment Parts Cleaning Technology: Fundamentals and Applications Ardeshir J. Sidhwa and Dave Zuck
Chapter 45. Equipment Design Challenges due to Increasing Hazards and Regulations Mark Fessler
Chapter 46. Cleanroom Design and Richard V. Pavlotsky
Chapter 47. Vibration and Noise Design Michael Gendreau and Hal Amick

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  • Title: Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook, 2nd Edition
  • Author:
  • Length: 560 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2017-09-20
  • ISBN-10: 125958769X
  • ISBN-13: 9781259587696