Security and Intelligent Information Systems

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the Joint Meeting of the 2nd Luxembourg-Polish Symposium on and Trust and the 19th International Conference Intelligent Information , held as International Joint Confererence on Security and Intelligent Information , SIIS 2011, in Warsaw, Poland, in June 2011. The 29 revised full papers presented together with 2 invited lectures were carefully reviewed and selected from 60 initial submissions during two rounds of selection and improvement. The papers are organized in the following three thematic tracks: security and trust, data mining and , and natural language processing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Correspondences on Hyperelliptic Curves and Applications to the Discrete Logarithm
Chapter 2. Bare-Bones Dependency Parsing
Chapter 3. Solving Soft Security Problem in MANETs Using an Evolutionary Approach
Chapter 4. Sabotage Detection for Surveillance Systems
Chapter 5. Implementation of Access Control Model for Distributed Information Systems Using Usage Control
Chapter 6. Beyond TOR: The TrueNyms Protocol
Chapter 7. A Signature Scheme for Distributed Executions Based on Control Flow Analysis
Chapter 8. Computational Aspects of Attackâ•fiDefense Trees
Chapter 9. Attacks on Simplified Versions of K2
Chapter 10. Model Selection in Logistic Regression Using p-Values and Greedy
Chapter 11. Landau Theory of Meta-learning
Chapter 12. Multi-Test Decision Trees for Gene Expression Data Analysis
Chapter 13. Rule-Based Approach to Computational Stylistics
Chapter 14. Differential Evolution for High Scale Dynamic Optimization
Chapter 15. Towards an OpenCL Implementation of€Genetic€Algorithms on GPUs
Chapter 16. Evolutionary Algorithm Parameter Tuning with Sensitivity Analysis
Chapter 17. Image Recognition System for Diagnosis Support of Melanoma Skin Lesion
Chapter 18. Playing in Unison in the Random Forest
Chapter 19. Scale Invariant Bipartite Generative Model
Chapter 20. Introducing Diversity to Log-Based Query Suggestions to Deal with Underspecified User Queries
Chapter 21. Wikipedia-Based Document Categorization
Chapter 22. Preliminary Experiments in Polish Dependency Parsing
Chapter 23. Evaluation Method for Automated Wordnet Expansion
Chapter 24. Mining Class Association Rules for Word Sense Disambiguation
Chapter 25. An Ontology-Based Method for an€Efficient€Acquisition of Relation Extraction Training€and€Testing Examples
Chapter 26. Rich Set of Features for Proper Name Recognition in Polish Texts
Chapter 27. Similarity-Based Method of Detecting Diathesis Alternations in Semantic Valence Dictionary of Polish Verbs
Chapter 28. Combining Polish Morphosyntactic Taggers
Chapter 29. Towards the Lemmatisation of Polish Nominal Syntactic Groups Using a Shallow Grammar
Chapter 30. SyMGiza++: Symmetrized Word Alignment Models for Statistical Machine Translation
Chapter 31. How Opinion Annotations and Ontologies Become Objective?

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  • Title: Security and Intelligent Information Systems
  • Length: 418 pages
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  • Publication Date: 2012-01-16
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