Scrum in Action

Book Description

SCRUM IN ACTION: AGILE SOFTWARE PROJECT AND DEVELOPMENT is a practical how-to guide for software project teams on how to successfully deploy an Agile software framework with Scrum. It is clearly and concisely written and is the first practical guide with real world situations written by corporate practitioners. This book describes many good project techniques on how to get the most from project teams and bridges the between many Scrum and project books by addressing how to communicate with executives using financial terms, how to use an objective estimation technique, and where software architecture fits into Scrum.

Features of Scrum in Action 

  • Provides a practical on-the-job guidebook for project teams with actionable information for real-world situations.
  • Details solutions that can be used for any type of software .
  • Includes forewords by Sanjiv Augustine, author of Managing Agile Projects, and Dan Pilone, author of and Head First Development.
  • Written by a highly experienced author team who are actual corporate practitioners, not just software trainers.
  • Features new techniques to resolve current issues with Scrum; details the essentials a project team needs to know in order to begin and complete a Scrum software project.
  • Solutions can be used for any type of software projects.
  • Outlines specific sections applicable by role within project groups in the "If You Are..." section of the introduction: Management Team, Project Manager, Developer, etc.

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