Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control

Book Description

Based on the successful Modelling and Control of Robot Manipulators by Sciavicco and Siciliano (Springer, 2000), provides the basic know-how on the foundations of : modelling, planning and control. It has been expanded to include coverage of robots, visual control and motion planning. A variety of problems is raised throughout, and the proper tools to find -oriented solutions are introduced and explained. The text includes coverage of fundamental topics like kinematics, and trajectory planning and related technological aspects including actuators and . To impart practical skill, examples and case studies are carefully worked out and interwoven through the text, with frequent resort to simulation. In addition, end-of-chapter exercises are proposed, and the book is accompanied by an solutions manual containing the MATLABĀ® for computer problems; this is available free of charge to those adopting this volume as a textbook for courses.

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