Quantum Field Theory

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Field (de Gruyter Studies in )
This book discusses the main concepts of the Standard Model of elementary particles in a compact and straightforward way. The work illustrates the of modern theoretical physics by combining approaches and concepts of the quantum field theory and modern condensed matter theory. The inductive approach allows a deep understanding of ideas and methods used for solving problems in this field.

Table of Contents

1 Basics of elementary particles
2 Lagrange formalism. Symmetries and gauge fields
3 Canonical quantization, symmetries in quantum field theory
4 The Feynman theory of positron and elementary quantum electrodynamics
5 Scattering
6 Invariant perturbation theory
7 Exact propagators and vertices
8 Some applications of quantum electrodynamics
9 Path integrals and quantum mechanics
10 Functional integrals: scalars and spinors
11 Functional integrals: gauge fields
12 The Weinberg–Salam model
13 Renormalization
14 Nonperturbative approaches

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