Programming in Scala, 3rd Edition

Book Description

Scala is an language for the Java VirtualMachine. In addition to being object-oriented, Scala is also afunctional language, and combines the best approaches to OO andfunctional .

In Italian, Scala means a stairway, or steps. Indeed, Scala lets you step up to a programming environment that incorporates some of the best recent thinking in design while also letting youuse all your existing Java code.

Artima is very pleased to publish a new edition of the best-sellingbook on Scala, written by the designer of the language, Martin Odersky.Co-authored by Lex Spoon and Bill Venners, this book takes astep-by-step tutorial approach to teaching you Scala. Starting with thefundamental elements of the language, Programming in Scala introducesfunctional programming from the practitioner's perspective, anddescribes advanced language features that can make you a better, moreproductive developer.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A Scalable Language
Chapter 2. First Steps in Scala
Chapter 3. Next Steps in Scala
Chapter 4. Classes and Objects
Chapter 5. Basic Types and Operations
Chapter 6. Functional Objects
Chapter 7. Built-in Control Structures
Chapter 8. and Closures
Chapter 9. Control Abstraction
Chapter 10. Composition and Inheritance
Chapter 11. Scala's Hierarchy
Chapter 12. Traits
Chapter 13. Packages and Imports
Chapter 14. Assertions and Tests
Chapter 15. Case Classes and Pattern Matching
Chapter 16. Working with Lists
Chapter 17. Working with Other Collections
Chapter 18. Mutable Objects
Chapter 19. Type Parameterization
Chapter 20. Abstract Members
Chapter 21. Implicit Conversions and Parameters
Chapter 22. Implementing Lists
Chapter 23. For Expressions Revisited
Chapter 24. Collections in Depth
Chapter 25. The Architecture of Scala Collections
Chapter 26. Extractors
Chapter 27. Annotations
Chapter 28. Working with
Chapter 29. Modular Programming Using Objects
Chapter 30. Object Equality
Chapter 31. Combining Scala and Java
Chapter 32. Futures and Concurrency
Chapter 33. Combinator Parsing
Chapter 34. Programming
Chapter 35. The SCells Spreadsheet

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