Practice Makes Perfect: Basic German, 2nd Edition

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Build a solid foundation in German with this bestselling workbook―now enhanced with comprehensive support! 

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic German is the proven companion to your German-learning experience. In each bite-size lesson, author Jolene Wochenske explains one – and only one – concept and illustrates it with clear examples. These lessons are purposely short, so you can complete them in twenty minutes of less, and go at a pace that works for you.

You will, of course, get plenty of practice, practice, practice using your new skills. And this new edition is accompanied by flashcards and recordings, available via app, that will provide a new dimension and flexibility to your study. Whether you are learning on your own or taking a beginning class, this book will build your confidence in German.


  • FLASHCARDS to aid memorization of all vocabulary terms
  • STREAMING AUDIO for hundreds of exercise answers to model your pronunciation
  • PROGRESS TRACKER to assess your progress

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Alphabet And Pronunciation
Chapter 2 Vowel Combinations (Diphthongs) And Consonant Combinations
Chapter 3 Noun Cases · Definite And Indefinite Articles
Chapter 4 Nouns—Gender And Definite Articles · Things In Nature
Chapter 5 Nouns—Gender And Indefinite Articles · School And Supplies

Chapter 6 Compound Nouns
Chapter 7 Noun Plurals · In The House · Numbers
Chapter 8 Personal Pronouns · Spielen
Chapter 9 Case And Pronoun Review · Schenken
Chapter 10 Possessive Pronouns · Family

Chapter 11 Reflexive Pronouns · Body Parts
Chapter 12 Demonstrative Pronouns
Chapter 13 Indefinite Pronouns
Chapter 14 Interrogative Pronouns: Who? What? Which? How Many/Much?
Chapter 15 Adjectives

Chapter 16 Comparative And Superlative Adjectives
Chapter 17 Noun · Food: Vegetables, Fruit, Meat And Fish · Drinks
Chapter 18 Present Tense · Common Regular Verbs
Chapter 19 Irregular Verbs (Strong Verbs)
Chapter 20 Separable- And Inseparable-Prefix Verbs

Chapter 21 The Irregular Verb Haben · Animals
Chapter 22 The Irregular Verb Sein · Professions
Chapter 23 Werden · Future Tense · More Professions
Chapter 24 Helping Verbs (Modal Auxiliaries)
Chapter 25 Wissen And Kennen · In The City

Chapter 26 Reflexive Verbs
Chapter 27 Imperative Verbs (Commands) · Food And Drink Again
Chapter 28 The Present Perfect · Activities Around The House
Chapter 29 The Simple Past
Chapter 30 The Past Perfect

Chapter 31 The Future Tense · Future Time Expressions
Chapter 32 The Future Perfect
Chapter 33 The Passive · Chores · Adverbs Of Time
Chapter 34 Subjunctive Ii
Chapter 35 Subjunctive I

Chapter 36 Adverbs · Interrogative Pronouns
Chapter 37 Prepositions—Accusative
Chapter 38 Prepositions—Dative
Chapter 39 Prepositions—Genitive · Geography
Chapter 40 Prepositions—Accusative/Dative · Furniture

Chapter 41 Da- And Wo- Compounds
Chapter 42 Word Order—Statements And Questions
Chapter 43 Word Order—Coordinating Conjunctions
Chapter 44 Word Order—Subordinate Clauses
Chapter 45 Infinitive Phrases—Zu
Chapter 46 Cardinal And Ordinal Numbers · The Calendar: Months, Seasons, Days Of The Week

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  • Title: Practice Makes Perfect: Basic German, 2nd Edition
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  • Length: 208 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2018-08-10
  • ISBN-10: 1260120910
  • ISBN-13: 9781260120912
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