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What's in the book?

The final book will contain seven complete that teach you the new features in iOS 10. Because I'm writing it as I go, it's possible some tutorials might not work out as well as I had hoped, but if that happens they will be replaced so you'll definitely get at least seven full .

Right now, the project list is as follows:

  • Project 1: Create a rich media photo album using iOS 10's voice transcription and search functionality. [COMPLETE!]
  • Project 2: Build a group scheduling app that integrates with Messages. [COMPLETE!]
  • Project 3: Create a ride-sharing app that integrates with SiriKit for voice activation.
  • Project 4: Build an iOS 10 lock screen widget that helps language learners memorize new vocabulary. [COMPLETE!]
  • Project 5: Create a daily alarm planner using the new UserNotifications framework. [COMPLETE!]
  • Project 6: Code your own board game using the new GKMonteCarloStrategist from GameplayKit. [COMPLETE!]
  • Project 7: Create a top-down war game using SpriteKit's powerful new tiling system.

I've marked with "[COMPLETE!]" the chapters that are completed already.

The book will also include with -style technique projects, including a comprehensive introduction to 3 to help you understand what's changed and why, plus like the new animation framework.

I'd love to include more projects in the book – please send me your requests and I'll do my best!

Again, that list is subject to change if things don't work out as planned, but if you have something specific you'd like to see added please let me know.

Please note: Practical iOS 10 will not teach you Swift. You should already have completed Hacking with Swift or Pro Swift, or have written your own existing Swift .

Table of Contents

About this book

Happy Days
Setting up
Building the user interface
Permissions! Permissions everywhere!
Importing into the collection view
Recording, transcribing, and playing audio
Searching using Spotlight
Wrap up

Setting up
Building the user interface
Working with MSMessagesAppViewController
Selecting possible dates
Sending and receiving messages
Making our message look attractive
Wrap up

[On Hold]
Ride Sharing

Setting up
Creating a basic language app
Building a today extension
Animating views with UIViewPropertyAnimator
Wrap up

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