PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility

Book Description

To keep productive and enjoyable, state-of-the-art practices and principles are essential. and design help manage complexity by keeping components cleanly separated. Unit testing helps prevent endless, exhausting debugging sessions. Refactoring keeps supple and readable. PHP offers all this-and more.

This book shows you how to apply PHP techniques and principles to all the most common challenges of web programming, including:

Web presentation and templates User interaction including the Model-View-Contoller architecture Input validation and form handling Database connection and querying and abstraction Object persistence

Table of Contents

Part 1 Tools and concepts
Chapter 1 PHP and modern development
Chapter 2 Objects in PHP
Chapter 3 Using PHP classes effectively
Chapter 4 Understanding objects and classes
Chapter 5 Understanding class relationships
Chapter 6 Object-oriented principles
Chapter 7 Design
Chapter 8 Design how-to: date and time handling

Part 2 Testing and refactoring
Chapter 9 Test-driven development
Chapter 10 Advanced testing techniques
Chapter 11 Refactoring web applications
Chapter 12 Taking control with web tests

Part 3 Building the web
Chapter 13 Using templates to manage web presentation
Chapter 14 Constructing complex web pages
Chapter 15 User interaction
Chapter 16 Controllers
Chapter 17 Input validation
Chapter 18 Form handling
Chapter 19 Database connection, abstraction, and configuration

Part 4 Databases and infrastructure
Chapter 20 Objects and SQL
Chapter 21 Data class design

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