Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers, 4th Edition

Book Description

  • The only text that meets all AACN/NONPF criteria.
  • Clinical Pearls, insights from expert practitioners on how to increase patient compliance, analyze potential drug interactions, and improve treatment selection reasoning.
  • Case Studies illustrating the paradigm drug and select common uses for each class of drugs.
  • Tips on how to evaluate new drugs from the literature provided by drug representatives.
  • Discussions of the application of advanced pharmacotherapeutics to the real world of clinical practice.
  • Coverage of pathophysiology as it relates to the use of specific drugs.
  • Easy-to-understand illustrations of drug  and how drugs work in the body.
  • Tables that detail commonly used drugs, pharmacokinetics, drug/food interactions, dosage schedules, and available dosage .
  • On the Horizon boxes highlighting potentially useful drugs currently in clinical trials.

Book Details