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Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence: 6th International Conference, PReMI 2015, Warsaw, Poland, June 30 - July 3, 2015, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Science)

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence, PReMI 2015, held in Warsaw, Poland, in June/July 2015. The total of 53 full papers and 1 short paper presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 90 submissions. They were organized in topical sections named: foundations of machine learning; image processing; image retrieval; image tracking; pattern recognition; data mining techniques for large scale data; fuzzy computing; rough sets; bioinformatics; and applications of artificial intelligence.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Invited Paper
Chapter 1 Recent Advances in Recommender Systems and Future Directions

Part 2 Foundations of Machine Learning
Chapter 2 On the Number of Rules and Conditions in Mining Data with Attribute-Concept Values and "Do Not Care" Conditions
Chapter 3 Simplifying Contextual Structures
Chapter 4 Towards a Robust Scale Invariant Feature Correspondence
Chapter 5 A Comparison of Two Approaches to Discretization: Multiple Scanning and C4.5
Chapter 6 Hierarchical Agglomerative Method for Improving NPS
Chapter 7 A New Linear Discriminant Analysis Method to Address the Over-Reducing Problem

Part 3 Image Processing
Chapter 8 Procedural Generation of Adjustable Terrain for Application in Computer Using 2D Maps
Chapter 9 Fixed Point Learning Based 3D Conversion of 2D Videos
Chapter 10 Fast and Accurate Foreground Background Separation for Video Surveillance
Chapter 11 Enumeration of Shortest Isothetic Paths Inside a Digital Object
Chapter 12 Modified Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting via Primal-Dual Optimization
Chapter 13 A Novel Approach for Image Super Resolution Using Kernel Methods
Chapter 14 Generation of Random Triangular Digital Curves Using Combinatorial Techniques

Part 4 Image Retrieval
Chapter 15 Tackling Curse of Dimensionality for Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval
Chapter 16 Face Profile View Retrieval Using Time of Flight Camera Image Analysis
Chapter 17 Context-Based Semantic Tagging of Data

Part 5 Image Tracking
Chapter 18 Real-Time Distributed Multi-object Tracking in a PTZ Camera Network
Chapter 19 Improved Simulation of Holography Based on Stereoscopy and Face Tracking
Chapter 20 Head Pose Tracking from RGBD Sensor Based on Direct Motion Estimation

Part 6 Pattern Recognition
Chapter 21 A Novel Hybrid CNN-AIS Visual Pattern Recognition Engine
Chapter 22 Modified Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Projection for Face Recognition
Chapter 23 An Optimal Greedy Approximate Nearest Neighbor Method in Statistical Pattern Recognition
Chapter 24 Ear Recognition Using Block-Based Principal Component Analysis and Decision Fusion

Part 7 Data Mining Techniques for Large Scale Data
Chapter 25 Binarizing Change for Fast Trend Similarity Based Clustering of Time Series Data
Chapter 26 Big Data Processing by Volunteer Computing Supported by Intelligent Agents
Chapter 27 Two Stage SVM and kNN Text Documents Classifier
Chapter 28 Task Allocation and Scalability Evaluation for Real-Time Multimedia Processing in a Cluster Environment

Part 8 Fuzzy Computing
Chapter 29 Concept Synthesis Using Logic of Prototypes and Counterexamples: A Graded Consequence Approach
Chapter 30 Fuzzy Rough Sets Reducts for Quantitative Decisions -- Approach for Spatial Data Generalization
Chapter 31 Fuzzy Rough Sets Theory Applied to Parameters of Eye Movements Can Help to Predict Effects of Different Treatments in Parkinson's Patients
Chapter 32 Determining OWA Operator Weights by Maximum Deviation Minimization
Chapter 33 Fuzzy Set Interpretation of Comparator Networks
Chapter 34 Inverted Fuzzy Implications in Backward Reasoning

Part 9 Rough Sets
Chapter 35 Generating Core Based on Discernibility Measure and MapReduce
Chapter 36 Music Genre Recognition in the Rough Set-Based Environment
Chapter 37 Scalability of Data Decomposition Based Algorithms: Attribute Reduction Problem
Chapter 38 Application of Fuzzy Rough Sets to Financial Time Series Forecasting
Chapter 39 A New Post-processing Method to Detect Brain Tumor Using Rough-Fuzzy Clustering
Chapter 40 Rough Set Based Modeling and of the Acoustic Field Around the Human Head
Chapter 41 Global Optimization of Exact Association Rules Relative to Coverage

Part 10 Bioinformatics
Chapter 42 PDP-RF: Protein Domain Boundary Prediction Using Random Forest Classifier
Chapter 43 A New Similarity Measure for Identification of Disease Genes
Chapter 44 MaER: A New Ensemble Based Multiclass Classifier for Binding Activity Prediction of HLA Class II Proteins
Chapter 45 Selection of a Consensus Area Size for Multithreaded Wavefront-Based Alignment Procedure for Compres ...
Chapter 46 Supervised Cluster Analysis of miRNA Expression Data Using Rough Hypercuboid Partition Matrix
Chapter 47 Analysis of AmpliSeq RNA-Sequencing Enrichment Panels
Chapter 48 Consensus-Based Prediction of RNA and DNA Binding Residues from Protein Sequences

Part 11 Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 49 Fusion of Static and Dynamic Parameters at Decision Level in Human Gait Recognition
Chapter 50 Web Results Clustering Using Frequent Termset Mining
Chapter 51 Effective Imbalanced Classification of Breast Thermogram Features
Chapter 52 Rician Noise Removal Approach for Brain MR Images Using Kernel Principal Component Analysis
Chapter 53 Climate Network Based Index Discovery for Prediction of Indian Monsoon
Chapter 54 Using Patterns in Computer Go
Chapter 55 Event Detection from Business News

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