On Cooking, 5th Edition Update

Book Description

For nearly two decades, On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary has instructed thousands of aspiring chefs in the culinary arts. The Fifth Edition Update continues its proven approach to teaching both the principles and practices of culinary while guiding you toward a successful career in the culinary arts.

Teaching and Learning Experience:

The text’s time-tested approach is further enhanced with MyCulinaryLab™, a online learning tool that helps you succeed in the classroom.

  • MyCulinaryLab™ enables you to study and master content online–in your own time and at your own pace
  • Builds a strong foundation based on sound fundamental techniques that focus on six areas essential to a well-rounded culinary professional—Professionalism, Preparation, Cooking, Garde Manger, , and Presentation
  • A wealth of chapter features helps you learn, practice, and retain concepts

This is the stand alone version of the text. A package is available containing both the text and MyCulinaryLab with Pearson eText using ISBN: 0133829170.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Professionalism
Chapter 2 Food And Sanitation
Chapter 3 Menus And Recipes
Chapter 4 Tools And Equipment
Chapter 5 Knife Skills
Chapter 6 Flavors And Flavorings
Chapter 7 Dairy Products
Chapter 8 Mise En Place
Chapter 9 Principles Of Cooking
Chapter 10 Stocks And Sauces
Chapter 11 Soups
Chapter 12 Principles Of Meat Cookery
Chapter 13 Beef
Chapter 14 Veal
Chapter 15 Lamb
Chapter 16 Pork
Chapter 17 Poultry
Chapter 18
Chapter 19 Fish And Shellfish
Chapter 20 Eggs And Breakfast
Chapter 21 Vegetables
Chapter 22 Potatoes, Grains And Pasta
Chapter 23 Healthy Cooking
Chapter 24 Salads And Salad Dressings
Chapter 25 Fruits
Chapter 26 Sandwiches
Chapter 27 Charcuterie
Chapter 28 Hors D’Oeuvre And Canapés
Chapter 29 Principles Of The Bakeshop
Chapter 30 Quick Breads
Chapter 31 Yeast Breads
Chapter 32 Pies, Pastries And Cookies
Chapter 33 Cakes And Frostings
Chapter 34 Custards, Creams, Frozen Desserts And Dessert Sauces
Chapter 35 Plate Presentation
Chapter 36 Buffet Presentation

Appendix I: Professional Organizations
Appendix II: Measurement And Conversion Charts
Appendix III: Fresh Produce Availability Chart
Appendix IV: Vitamin And Mineral And Sources

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