Office Idiots: What to Do When Your Workplace is a Jerkplace

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"Once again, Ken Lloyd has written a book which is relevant, timely, and applicable. It will be of use to employees and managers, as well as organizational leaders. The book not only discusses specific and real workplace examples, but also provides useful action steps in a manner that everyone can relate and apply to their work environments."
--Charles P. Leo, PhD, adjunct professor, Graziadio School of Business & , Pepperdine University

"One major threat to customer centricity, as well as corporate productivity, comes from employees whose disruptive and misguided actions interfere with their own along with that of their associates. If you are seeking state-of-the-art tools and strategies to deal with these challenges in the workplace, I am certain you will find them and much more in Idiots."
--Marc Benioff, chairman & CEO,

Most books that deal with ridiculous behaviors in the workplace are premised largely on conjecture, anecdotes, and limited data, but that's not the case with Office Idiots. Written by Ken Lloyd, one of the foremost experts on jerks at work, this book relies on data from actual workplaces across America to present a sweeping and frighteningly accurate snapshot of the antics of office idiots.

Based on thousands of letters to his newspaper column and Website,, this book spotlights office idiots wherever they exist in an , followed by practical advice on what to do and even what to say when you encounter them. In addition to providing a vast array of hands-on (and hands-off!) tools, Office Idiots will also show you how to:

  • Deal with some of the most off-the-wall and absurd of office idiocy.
  • Avoid enabling behaviors that actually bring out office idiocy in others.
  • Make sure you don't become an office idiot.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Office Idiots and Their Miscommunication
Chapter 2: Conflict and Office Idiots
Chapter 3: Idiotic Job Interviewers
Chapter 4: Idiotic Job Applicants
Chapter 5: Who's the New Idiot?
Chapter 6: Meetings With Office Idiots
Chapter 7: Office Idiots and Their E-mail
Chapter 8: Idiotic Managerial Practices
Chapter 9: Office Idiots and Their Idiotic Feedback
Chapter 10: Power-Tripping Office Idiots
Chapter 11: Office Idiots and Their Mindless Motivational Methods
Chapter 12: Idiotic Blaming, Deflecting, and Backstabbing
Chapter 13: Office Idiots in
Chapter 14: Outrageous Behaviors, Even for Office Idiots
Chapter 15: How to Avoid Becoming an Office Idiot

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  • Title: Office Idiots: What to Do When Your Workplace is a Jerkplace
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  • Length: 224 pages
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  • Publication Date: 2013-07-22
  • ISBN-10: 1601632681
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