Nutrition Across Life Stages

Book Description

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Written for undergraduate students enrolled in Life Cycle Nutrition courses, Nutrition Across Life Stages presents material in a clear, approachable fashion, making this text ideal for majors and non-majors alike. The text applies focus on the application of nutritional concepts rather than the nutritional science underlying, and discusses nutrition at a particular life stage followed by an exploration of its implications for and disease at that stage of life. The authors tie in numerous learning features, such as case studies, Learning Checks, and News You Can Use boxes, to help clarify key points in each chapter.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Nutrition Overview
Chapter 2 Nutrition Needs During Preconception
Chapter 3 Nutrition Needs During Pregnancy
Chapter 4 Nutrition Needs During Lactation
Chapter 5 Pregnancy and Lactation: Nutrition-Related Conditions and Diseases
Chapter 6 Infant Nutrition
Chapter 7 Early Childhood Nutrition
Chapter 8 Nutrition for Health and Disease in Infancy Through Early Childhood
Chapter 9 Childhood and Preadolescent Nutrition
Chapter 10 Adolescent Nutrition
Chapter 11 Nutrition for Health and Disease in Childhood and Adolescence
Chapter 12 Adult Nutrition
Chapter 13 Nutrition for Health and Disease in Adults
Chapter 14 Older Adult Nutrition
Chapter 15 Geriatric Nutrition
Chapter 16 Nutrition for Health and Disease in Older Adults and Geriatrics

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