Non-Functional Properties in Service Oriented Architecture

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Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the paradigm for software and system specification, , implementation and management that intends to shape and dominate IT and business landscapes in the near future.

Non-Functional Properties in Service Oriented Architecture: Requirements, Models and Methods offers a selection of chapters that cover three important aspects related to the use of non-functional properties in SOA: requirements specification with respect to non-functional properties, modeling non-functional properties and implementation of non-functional properties. This book serves as both a practical reference and an advanced source for those interested in current issues, new trends, and yet-unresolved areas of the discipline.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Tracing the Implementation of Non-Functional Requirements
Chapter 2 Developing Non-Functional Requirements for a Service-Oriented Application Platform
Chapter 3 Modeling and Analyzing Non-Functional Requirements in Service Oriented Architecture with the User Requirements Notation
Chapter 4 A Requirements Tool for Domain in Software Product Lines
Chapter 5 A Look on Engineering Non-Functional Properties in Service Oriented Architectures
Chapter 6 A Goal-Oriented Representation of Service-Oriented Software Design Principles
Chapter 7 Model-Driven Engineering of Non-Functional Properties for Pervasive Service Creation
Chapter 8 Relational Service Quality Modeling
Chapter 9 Model-Driven Development of Non-Functional Properties in Web Services
Chapter 10 A Unified Deployment and Management Model for Dynamic and Distributed Software Architectures
Chapter 11 An Aspect-Oriented Framework to Model Non-Functional Requirements in Software Product Lines of Service-Oriented Architectures
Chapter 12 Model-Driven Approach for End-to-End SOA Security Configurations
Chapter 13 Control Engineering for Scaling Service Oriented Architectures
Chapter 14 Addressing Non-Functional Properties of Services in
Chapter 15 Functional and QoS Semantics-Driven SOA-Based Biomedical Multimedia Processing

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  • Length: 424 pages
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  • Publication Date: 2011-03-31
  • ISBN-10: 1605667943
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