Node.js: The Collection

Book Description

While there have been quite a few attempts to get working as a server-side language, (frequently just called Node) has been the first environment that's gained any traction. It's now used by companies such as Netflix, Uber and Paypal to power their . Node allows for blazingly fast ; thanks to its event loop model, common tasks like connection and database I/O can be executed very quickly indeed.

From a beginner's point of view, one of Node's obvious advantages is that it uses JavaScript, a ubiquitous language that many developers are comfortable with. If you can write JavaScript for the client-side, writing server-side applications with Node should not be too much of a stretch for you.

This collection contains three books that will help get you up and running with Node. It contains:

  • Your First Week With Node.js, which will get started using Node, covering all of the basics.
  • 9 Practical Node.js , which offers a selection of hand-on practical projects to develop your skills.
  • Node.js: Related Tools & Skills, which outlines essential tools and skills that all Node developers should know.

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