New Perspectives on Microsoft Excel 2013, Comprehensive

Book Description

With proven pedagogy that emphasizes critical-thinking, problem-solving, and in-depth coverage, New Perspectives helps students develop the Office 2013 skills they need to be successful in and beyond. Updated with all new case-based tutorials, New Perspectives Microsoft 2013 continues to engage students in applying skills to real-world situations, making concepts relevant. A new Troubleshoot case problem enhances critical thinking, and a new tutorial on Managing Your Files helps students navigate 8. As always, New Perspectives improves learning outcomes and transference of skills by helping students understand why what they're learning is important.

Table of Contents

Tutorial 1: Getting Started with Excel: Creating a Customer Order Report
Tutorial 2: Formatting Workbook Text and Data: Designing a Report
Tutorial 3: Calculating Data with Formulas and : Creating a Fitness Tracker
Tutorial 4: Analyzing and Charting Financial Data: Presenting Data for a Business Plan
Tutorial 5: Working with Excel Tables, PivotTables, and PivotCharts: Tracking Cash Receipts
Tutorial 6: Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks: Summarizing Recycling Data
Tutorial 7: Developing an Excel Application: Creating a Receipt
Tutorial 8: Working with Advanced Functions: Calculating Employee Compensation and Benefits
Tutorial 9: Exploring Financial Tools and Functions: Analyzing a Business Plan
Tutorial 10: Performing What-If Analyses: Analyzing Financial Data to Maximize Profits
Tutorial 11: Connecting to External Data: Building a Financial Report from Several Data Sources
Tutorial 12: Collaborating on a Shared Workbook: Working with Others to Create a Stockholder’s Report

Additional Case 1: Creating a Grading Workbook
Additional Case 2: Finding an Optimal Product Mix
Additional Case 3: Creating an Interactive Order Form
Additional Case 4: Analyzing a Sales Database

Appendix A: Working with Text Functions and Creating Custom Formats: Cleaning Data in a Spreadsheet
Appendix B: Advanced Filters, Database Functions, and Summary IFS Functions: Filtering and Summarizing Database Information
Appendix C: Enhancing Excel with Visual Basic for Applications: Designing a Stock Report Application
Appendix D: Working with Enhanced Formatting Tools: Formatting a Chemistry Report

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