Neural Information Processing, Part II

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Neural Information Processing: 24th International Conference, ICONIP 2017, Guangzhou, China, November 14-18, 2017, Proceedings, Part II (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

The six volume set LNCS 10634, LNCS 10635, LNCS 10636, LNCS 10637, LNCS 10638, and LNCS 10639 constituts the proceedings of the 24rd International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP 2017, held in Guangzhou, China, in November 2017. The 563  full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 856 submissions. The 6 volumes are organized in topical sections on Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Big Data , Deep Learning, Brain-Computer Interface, Computational Finance, Computer Vision, Neurodynamics, Sensory Perception and Decision Making, Computational , Neural Data Analysis, Biomedical , Emotion and Bayesian Networks, Data Mining, Time-Series Analysis, Social Networks, Bioinformatics, Information Security and Social Cognition, Robotics and Control, Pattern Recognition, Neuromorphic Hardware and Speech Processing.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Deep Learning
Chapter 1. Tree-Structure CNN for Automated Theorem Proving
Chapter 2. Training Deep Autoencoder via VLC-Genetic Algorithm
Chapter 3. Training Very Deep Networks via Residual Learning with Stochastic Input Shortcut Connections
Chapter 4. Knowledge Memory Based LSTM Model for Answer Selection
Chapter 5. Breast Cancer Malignancy Prediction Using Incremental Combination of Multiple Recurrent Neural Networks
Chapter 6. TinyPoseNet: A Fast and Compact Deep Network for Robust Head Pose Estimation
Chapter 7. Two-Stage Temporal Multimodal Learning for Speaker and Speech Recognition
Chapter 8. SLICE: Structural and Label Information Combined Embedding for Networks
Chapter 9. An Ultrasonic Image Recognition Method for Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Based on Depth Convolution Neural Network
Chapter 10. An STDP-Based Supervised Learning Algorithm for Spiking Neural Networks
Chapter 11. An End-to-End Approach for Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on a Deep Convolution Neural Network
Chapter 12. Morph-CNN: A Morphological Convolutional Neural Network for Image Classification
Chapter 13. Combating Adversarial Inputs Using a Predictive-Estimator Network
Chapter 14. A Parallel Forward-Backward Propagation Learning Scheme for Auto-Encoders
Chapter 15. Relation Classification via Target-Concentrated Attention CNNs
Chapter 16. Comparing Hybrid NN-HMM and RNN for Temporal Modeling in Gesture Recognition
Chapter 17. Patterns Versus Characters in Subword-Aware Neural Language Modeling
Chapter 18. Hierarchical Attention BLSTM for Modeling Sentences and Documents
Chapter 19. Bi-Directional LSTM with Quantum Attention Mechanism for Sentence Modeling
Chapter 20. An Efficient Binary Search Based Neuron Pruning Method for ConvNet Condensation
Chapter 21. CNN-LSTM Neural Network Model for Quantitative Strategy Analysis in Stock Markets
Chapter 22. Learning Inverse by AutoEncoder Based Generative Adversarial Nets
Chapter 23. Fast and Accurate Image Super Resolution by Deep CNN with Skip Connection and Network in Network
Chapter 24. Generative Moment Matching Autoencoder with Perceptual Loss
Chapter 25. Three-Means Ternary Quantization
Chapter 26. Will Outlier Tasks Deteriorate Multitask Deep Learning?
Chapter 27. The Effect of Task Similarity on Deep Transfer Learning
Chapter 28. Exploiting the Tibetan Radicals in Recurrent Neural Network for Low-Resource Language Models
Chapter 29. Learning Joint Multimodal Representation Based on Multi-fusion Deep Neural Networks
Chapter 30. DeepBIBX: Deep Learning for Image Based Bibliographic Data Extraction
Chapter 31. Bio-Inspired Deep Spiking Neural Network for Image Classification
Chapter 32. Asynchronous, Data-Parallel Deep Convolutional Neural Network Training with Linear Prediction Model for Parameter Transition
Chapter 33. Efficient Learning Algorithm Using Compact Data Representation in Neural Networks
Chapter 34. Regularizing CNN via Feature Augmentation
Chapter 35. Effectiveness of Adversarial Attacks on Class-Imbalanced Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 36. Sharing ConvNet Across Heterogeneous Tasks
Chapter 37. Training Deep Neural Networks for Detecting Drinking Glasses Using Synthetic Images
Chapter 38. Image Segmentation with Pyramid Dilated Convolution Based on ResNet and U-Net
Chapter 39. Deep Clustering with Convolutional Autoencoders
Chapter 40. An Incremental Deep Learning Network for On-line Unsupervised Feature Extraction
Chapter 41. Compressing Low Precision Deep Neural Networks Using Sparsity-Induced Regularization in Ternary Networks
Chapter 42. A Feature Learning Approach for Image Retrieval
Chapter 43. Soft-Margin Softmax for Deep Classification
Chapter 44. Temporal Attention Neural Network for Video Understanding
Chapter 45. Regularized Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Feature Extraction and Classification
Chapter 46. Soccer Video Event Detection Using 3D Convolutional Networks and Shot Boundary Detection via Deep Feature Distance
Chapter 47. Very Deep Neural Networks for Hindi/Arabic Offline Handwritten Digit Recognition
Chapter 48. Layer Removal for Transfer Learning with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 49. Music Genre Classification Using Masked Conditional Neural Networks
Chapter 50. Reinforced Memory Network for Question Answering
Chapter 51. Hybrid Deep Learning for Sentiment Polarity Determination of Arabic Microblogs
Chapter 52. Low Frequency Words Compression in Neural Conversation System
Chapter 53. A Width-Variable Window Attention Model for Environmental Sensors
Chapter 54. Memorizing Transactional Databases Compressively in Deep Neural Networks for Efficient Itemset Support Queries
Chapter 55. Offensive Sentence Classification Using Character-Level CNN and Transfer Learning with Fake Sentences
Chapter 56. Hierarchical Hybrid Attention Networks for Chinese Conversation Topic Classification
Chapter 57. Aggregating Class Interactions for Hierarchical Attention Relation Extraction
Chapter 58. Tensorial Neural Networks and Its Application in Longitudinal Network Data Analysis
Chapter 59. 3HAN: A Deep Neural Network for Fake News Detection
Chapter 60. Hierarchical Parameter Sharing in Recursive Neural Networks with Long Short-Term Memory
Chapter 61. Robust Deep Face Recognition with Label Noise
Chapter 62. Weakly-Supervised Dual Generative Adversarial Networks for Makeup-Removal
Chapter 63. Analysis of Gradient Degradation and Feature Map Quality in Deep All-Convolutional Neural Networks Compared to Deep Residual Networks
Chapter 64. Single-Image Super-Resolution for Remote Sensing Data Using Deep Residual-Learning Neural Network
Chapter 65. Layer-Wise Training to Create Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 66. Learning Image Representation Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 67. Heterogeneous Features Integration in Deep Knowledge Tracing
Chapter 68. Boxless Action Recognition in Still Images via Recurrent Visual Attention
Chapter 69. Compositional Sentence Representation from Character Within Large Context Text
Chapter 70. Ultra-deep Neural Network for Face Anti-spoofing
Chapter 71. License Plate Detection Using Deep Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks in Complex Scenes

Part 2 Brain-Computer Interface
Chapter 72. Task-Free Brainprint Recognition Based on Degree of Brain Networks
Chapter 73. Optimized Echo State Network with Intrinsic Plasticity for EEG-Based Emotion Recognition
Chapter 74. A Computational Investigation of an Active Region in Brain Network Based on Stimulations with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Chapter 75. An Algorithm Combining Spatial Filtering and Temporal Down-Sampling with Applications to ERP Feature Extraction
Chapter 76. Intent Recognition in Smart Living Through Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
Chapter 77. Recognition of Voluntary Blink and Bite Base on Single Forehead EMG
Chapter 78. Multimodal Classification with Deep Convolutional-Recurrent Neural Networks for Electroencephalography
Chapter 79. An Improved Visual-Tactile P300 Brain Computer Interface
Chapter 80. A New Hybrid Feature Selection Algorithm Applied to Driver’s Status Detection
Chapter 81. Deep Learning Method for Sleep Stage Classification
Chapter 82. Composite and Multiple Kernel Learning for Brain Computer Interface
Chapter 83. Transfer Learning Enhanced Common Spatial Pattern Filtering for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs): Overview and a New Approach
Chapter 84. EEG-Based Driver Drowsiness Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 85. Real-Time fMRI-Based Brain Computer Interface: A Review

Part 3 Computational Finance
Chapter 86. Dynamic Bidding Strategy Based on Probabilistic Feedback in Display Advertising
Chapter 87. Dempster-Shafer Fusion of Semi-supervised Learning Methods for Predicting Defaults in Social Lending
Chapter 88. Robust Risk Minimization Using the Lasso
Chapter 89. Non-Negative Matrix Factorization with Exogenous Inputs for Modeling Financial Data
Chapter 90. Stacked Denoising Autoencoder Based Stock Market Trend Prediction via K-Nearest Neighbour Data Selection
Chapter 91. Ten-Quarter Projection for Spanish Central Government Debt via WASD Neuronet
Chapter 92. Data Augmentation Based Stock Trend Prediction Using Self-organising Map
Chapter 93. Deep Candlestick Mining

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