Murach’s Java SE 6: Training & Reference

Book Description

This book teaches how to develop applications at the professional level. It starts by showing how to , test, and debug everyday applications that won t crash. It presents object-oriented features like classes, inheritance, interfaces, and polymorphism in a way that s both understandable and useful in the real world...perspective that s often missing in training. It presents essential skills such as working with data types, control statements, arrays, collections, generics, enumerations, exceptions, threads, Swing components, applets, and text and binary files. It covers new SE 6 features such as new JDBC features, the StAX , and the built-in Derby database. And it s all done in the distinctive Murach style that has been training professional programmers for more than 30 years.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Essential Java skills
Chapter 1 How to get started with Java
Chapter 2 Introduction to Java programming
Chapter 3 How to work with data
Chapter 4 How to code control statements
Chapter 5 How to validate input data

Section 2 Object-oriented programming with Java
Chapter 6 How to define and use classes
Chapter 7 How to work with inheritance
Chapter 8 How to work with interfaces
Chapter 9 Other object-oriented programming skills

Section 3 More Java essentials
Chapter 10 How to work with arrays
Chapter 11 How to work with collections and generics
Chapter 12 How to work with dates and strings
Chapter 13 How to handle exceptions
Chapter 14 How to work with threads

Section 4 with Java
Chapter 15 How to get started with Swing
Chapter 16 How to work with controls and layout managers
Chapter 17 How to handle events and validate data
Chapter 18 How to develop applets

Section 5 Data access programming with Java
Chapter 19 How to work with text and binary files
Chapter 20 How to work with XML
Chapter 21 How to use JDBC to work with databases
Chapter 22 How to work with a Derby database

Appendix A How to use the downloadable files for this book

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