Mule in Action

Book Description

is the most widely used ESB-with millions of downloads- providing an alternative to expensive commercial options. in Action is a comprehensive tutorial designed for working developers. This authoritative book explores the and the main features of version 2 through numerous running examples. It starts with a quick overview of ESB and a bit of history-including the key changes between 1.x and 2. Readers learn to configure and then get straight to the good stuff-putting to work.

Because the core of an ESB system is handling message traffic, the book dives into the way Mule handles data with chapters on sending and receiving, routing, and transforming data. Next, it takes a close look at Mule's standard components and how you can roll out custom ones. The book closes with a set of chapters on the nuts and bolts of working with Mule. Readers can take Mule farther by learning techniques for testing, tuning, BPM orchestration, and even a touch of Groovy scripting.

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