Mobile Commerce: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications

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In the era of digital , business transactions and partnerships across borders have become easier than ever. As part of this shift in the corporate sphere, managers, executives, and strategists across industries must acclimate themselves with the challenges and opportunities for conducting business.

Mobile Commerce: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications provides a comprehensive source of advanced academic examinations on the latest innovations and technologies for businesses. Including innovative studies on , mobile commerce , and wireless handheld devices, this multi-volume book is an ideal source for researchers, scholars, business executives, professionals, and graduate-level students.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Fundamental Concepts and Theories
Chapter 1: Basics of Mobile Marketing Strategy
Chapter 2: Investigating the Roles of Mobile Commerce and Mobile Payment in Global Business
Chapter 3: Drivers of Mobile Application Acceptance by Consumers
Chapter 4: E-Commerce
Chapter 5: Risk Management, Trust and Repeat Online Shopping Intentions
Chapter 6: Understanding the Psychology of Mobile Phone Use and Mobile Shopping of the 1990s Cohort in China

Section 2: Development and Design Methodologies
Chapter 7: A Consumer Decision-Making Model in M-Commerce
Chapter 8: Developing a Research to Assess Online Consumer Behaviour Using Netnography in India
Chapter 9: Regulatory Framework of Mobile Commerce
Chapter 10: A Secure and Optimized Proximity Mobile Payment Framework With Formal Verification
Chapter 11: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Cloud Design and Application
Chapter 12: Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods for E-Commerce Issues
Chapter 13: A 3D Virtual Space for the E-Commerce Strategy Model
Chapter 14: Intelligent Big Data Analytics
Chapter 15: Consumer Impetuosity in M-Commerce
Chapter 16: Marketing and Mobile
Chapter 17: An E-Commerce Customer Service Robot Based on Intention Recognition Model
Chapter 18: Online Distribution Strategies
Chapter 19: Models of Customer Experience for B2C E-Commerce Enterprises
Chapter 20: Integration of TAM, TPB, and Self-Image to Study Online Purchase Intentions in an Emerging Economy
Chapter 21: Website Attractiveness in E-Commerce Sites
Chapter 22: Essential Functionalities for Commercial Internet Presence

Section 3: Tools and Technologies
Chapter 23: Mobile Commerce Security and Its Prevention
Chapter 24: Mobile Payments for Conducting M-Commerce
Chapter 25: Android for Enterprise Automated Systems
Chapter 26: Services of Mobile Commerce
Chapter 27: Mobile Value Added Services in Fiji
Chapter 28: Mobilization Techniques Utilized by Leading Global E-Commerce Sites

Section 4: Utilization and Applications
Chapter 29: A Typology of Firms Regarding M-Commerce Adoption
Chapter 30: Applications of Intelligent Agents in Mobile Commerce
Chapter 31: Two Faces of Mobile Shopping
Chapter 32: Security for Mobile Development
Chapter 33: Online Shopping in the United Arab Emirates
Chapter 34: Mobile Application and User Analytics
Chapter 35: A Perspective of Adoption of Mobile Applications in Rural India
Chapter 36: E-Commerce in India
Chapter 37: Swift Guanxi Data Analysis and Its Application to E-Commerce Retail Strategies Improvement
Chapter 38: An Empirical Study of the Effect of Internet Services on the Preferential Adoption of Mobile Internet

Section 5: Organizational and Social Implications
Chapter 39: Investigating the Moderating Roles of Age and Ethnicity in Mobile Commerce Acceptance
Chapter 40: Mobile Commerce Adoption
Chapter 41: Exploring M-Commerce and Social Media
Chapter 42: The Effects of National Culture on Social Commerce and Online Fashion Purchase Intention
Chapter 43: Saudi Consumers Attitudes Towards Online Shopping
Chapter 44: Business and Mobile
Chapter 45: The Impact of Inertia as Mediator and Antecedent on Consumer Loyalty and Continuance Intention
Chapter 46: Security Issues and Countermeasures of Online Transaction in E-Commerce
Chapter 47: User Acceptance and Mobile Payment Security
Chapter 48: The Impact of E-Commerce on the Clothing Retailers
Chapter 49: The Impact of Web 2.0 on E-Commerce Adoption and Use by Tourism Businesses – Can SMMEs Play the Trick?
Chapter 50: Luxury via E-Commerce
Chapter 51: Consumer Attitudes Toward Online Shopping
Chapter 52: Payment Methods and Purchase Intention from Online Stores
Chapter 53: Advocating Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce in the Global Marketplace
Chapter 54: Cross-Cultural Study of Online User Behavior in Fashion E-Commerce
Chapter 55: Perceived Mobile Information Security and Adoption of Mobile Payment Services in China
Chapter 56: Role of Media in Success of E-Tailing
Chapter 57: Customer Journey Maps for Demographic Online Customer Profiles
Chapter 58: Explaining Online Customer Repurchase Intentions from a Relationship-Marketing Perspective

Section 6: Managerial Impact
Chapter 59: SWOT Analysis of M-Commerce
Chapter 60: The Role of B2B E-Commerce in Market Share
Chapter 61: Investigating the Associated Factors of Trust on Online Transactions
Chapter 62: New Market Segmentation Paradigms and Electronic Commerce Adoption

Section 7: Critical Issues and Challenges
Chapter 63: An Empirical Study of the Factors Affecting Mobile Shopping in Taiwan
Chapter 64: Mobile Services Behavioral Intention
Chapter 65: Are Signals a Solution to Perceived Risk and Opportunism in Mobile Shopping?
Chapter 66: How Can E-Vendors Create Trust in B2C and C2C Contexts?
Chapter 67: Online Shopping Behavior

Section 8: Emerging Trends
Chapter 68: Present and Future of Mobile Commerce
Chapter 69: Comparative Study Among New Payment Systems and New Future Trends in Mobile Payments
Chapter 70: New Perspectives on Payment Systems
Chapter 71: Technology Is Transforming Shopping Behavior
Chapter 72: China's E-Tailing Blossom

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