Microsoft Windows 7: Complete

Book Description

Windows 7: Complete provides a project-based, step-by-step approach to teaching the Windows 7 operating system.

About the Author

Gary B. Shelly wrote and published his first education textbook in 1969. More than twenty million copies of Shelly Cashman Series' textbooks have been sold. Gary and a talented group of contributing authors have produced books on programming, concepts, and application software that are the leading textbooks in the technology market today. Gary has hosted the annual Shelly Cashman Institute, a week-long focusing on the latest topics in technology, for the past 34 years.

Steven M. Freund went to school at the University of Central Florida, and has taught various Microsoft Office, computer concepts, programming, and various Internet technology courses in the Central Florida area. Working with the Shelly Cashman Series since 2001, he has presented at the annual customer Conference, the Shelly Cashman Series Institute, as well as other customer events. Steven has co-authored several versions of Discovering Computers, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, Windows, Office, and Dreamweaver books, as well as various instructor supplements.

Raymond E. Enger is the IT Program Director for the Osceola Campus of Valencia Community College where he has taught classes in computer programming, , operating systems, networking, security, and other IT areas since 2001. His background in programming includes C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, ASP, Visual Basic, and the other Visual Studio languages. Ray built the study tool for the last three editions of the Shelly Cashman Series' Systems and Design book and is also a co-author of the Microsoft Windows Vista series of books.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE: Fundamentals of Using Windows
CHAPTER TWO: Working with the Windows 7 Desktop
CHAPTER THREE: File and Folder Management
CHAPTER FOUR: Personal Information Management and Communication
CHAPTER FIVE: Personalizing Your Work Environment
CHAPTER SIX: Customizing Your Computer Using the Control Panel

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