Microsoft Lync 2013 Unified Communications

Book Description

Microsoft Lync 2013 Unified Communications: From Telephony to Real Time Communication in the Digital Age

Complete coverage of all topics for a unified communications strategy


  • A real business case and example project showing you how you can optimize costs and improve your competitive advantage with a Unified Communications project
  • The book combines both business and the latest relevant technical so it is a great reference for business stakeholders, IT decision makers, and UC technical experts.
  • All that you need to know about Unified Communications and the evolution of telecommunications is packed in this book.

In Detail

Unified Communications brings all relevant types of communication technology and modalities together: telephony, chat, availability information, video, sharing, and the integration into line of business software.

"Microsoft Lync 2013 Unified Communications: From Telephony to Real Time Communication in the Digital Age" is a business and technology book combined into one about Unified Communications and it shares everything you need to know: how to evaluate and integrate a Unified Communications project in your own and how you plan, design, and implement the technology itself. Additionally you get to know current innovations and available technologies for social networking, collaboration, cloud services, contact centers, and also enhanced collaboration for . This book also offers a real business case of a transformational project from traditional telecommunications to Unified Communications and what business case you can realize for all business sizes.

Get to know what Unified Communications is about and how you can use it in your company to reduce cost and increase the level of effective communication and collaboration.

This book offers you eight compelling chapters with a mix of business and technology content. Unified Communications is a great and very important topic in the evolution of how we communicate and collaborate and on how to create a better to customers and business partners.

"Microsoft Lync 2013 Unified Communications: From Telephony to Real Time Communication in the Digital Age" is a unique book which brings business relevant content and technical details of Unified Communications together in one place with everything that you need to know.

In this book, you will learn how you can use the benefits of innovative communication technology for your business and how this technology can be implemented in your company’s environment.

What you will learn from this book

  • History of telecommunications.
  • From the past to today: Unified Communications, collaborations, social networking, and cloud technology.
  • Implement real time collaboration with knowledge management.
  • Improve collaboration between companies.
  • The business case: where to save costs and optimize inside the company.
  • An example project: What factors need to be considered when implementing UC?
  • UC Contact Center, Skype-Lync and Cloud – a way into the future.
  • Save and load text, XML, or media assets from local or remote sources, and communicate with websites and their databases to create online scoreboards.


This is a tutorial guide to gain in-depth knowledge such as realizing to migrate traditional telephony to Unified Communications inside an .

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Innovation of Communication and Information Technologies
Chapter 2: Information Technology Meets Knowledge Management
Chapter 3: Business Cooperation in the World of the World Wide Web
Chapter 4: Value and Potential for End Users
Chapter 5: Cost Optimization Approaches
Chapter 6: Unified Communications Projects in Practice
Chapter 7: Analyzing the Key Points of a Unified Communications Project
Chapter 8: Technology Inside the Microsoft UC Platform and a Look into the Future
Appendix: Operating Agreement

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  • Title: Microsoft Lync 2013 Unified Communications
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  • Length: 224 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2013-04-25
  • ISBN-10: 1849685061
  • ISBN-13: 9781849685061
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