Mathematics for Computer Science

Book Description

This book covers elementary discrete for computer science and engineering. It emphasizes mathematical definitions and proofs as well as applicable methods. Topics include formal notation, proof methods; induction, well-ordering; sets, relations; elementary graph ; integer congruences; asymptotic notation and growth of ; permutations and combinations, counting principles; discrete probability. Further selected topics may also be covered, such as recursive definition and structural induction; state machines and invariants; recurrences; generating .

Table of Contents

Part 1 Proofs
Chapter 1 What is Proof
Chapter 2 Well Ordering Principle
Chapter 3 Logical Formulas
Chapter 4 Mathematical Data Types
Chapter 5 Induction
Chapter 6 State Machines
Chapter 7 Recursive Data Types
Chapter 8 Infinite Sets

Part 2 Structures
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Directed & Partial Orders
Chapter 11 Communication Networks
Chapter 12 Simple Graphs
Chapter 13 Planar Graphs

Part 3 Counting
Chapter 14 Sums & Asymptotics
Chapter 15 Cardinality Rules
Chapter 16 Generating Functions

Part 4 Probability
Chapter 17 Events & Probability Spaces
Chapter 18 Conditional Probability
Chapter 19 Random Variables
Chapter 20 Deviation from the Mean
Chapter 21 Random Walks

Part 5 Recurrences
Chapter 22 Recurrences

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