Mathematical Research Summaries With Biographical Sketches, Volume 1

Book Description

This new book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of mathematics as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field.

Table of Contents

Part I Researcher Biographical Sketches
Chapter 1 Imre Ferenc Barna
Chapter 2 Rosamonde R. Cook
Chapter 3 Rudolf Eggers
Chapter 4 Snezhana Georgieva Gocheva-Ilieva
Chapter 5 James M. Honeycutt
Chapter 6 Iliycho Petkov Iliev
Chapter 7 Atanas Valev Ivanov
Chapter 8 Noelia Jiménez-Fanjul
Chapter 9 Carmen León-Mantero
Chapter 10 María José Madrid
Chapter 11 Alexander Maz-Machado
Chapter 12 Florian Meyer
Chapter 13 Ali Asghar Rastegari
Chapter 14 Marko Stamenic
Chapter 15 Yuriy S. Volkov
Chapter 16 Desislava Stoyanova Voynikova
Chapter 17 Irena Zizovic

Part II Research Summaries
Chapter 18 Justification of the Courant-Friedrichs Conjecture for the Problem About Flow Around Wedge
Chapter 19 Particle Swarm Optimization with Re-Initialization Strategies for Continuous Global Optimization
Chapter 20 Particle Swarm Global Optimization of Orbital Maneuvers
Chapter 21 Float-Encoded Genetic Algorithm Used for the Inversion Processing of Well-Logging Data
Chapter 22 The Particle Collision Algorithm: A Metropolis Optimization Method
Chapter 23 Classifier-Assisted Frameworks for Computationally Expensive Optimization Problems
Chapter 24 Cutting Box Strategy: An Algorithmic Framework for Improving Metaheuristics for Continuous Global Optimization
Chapter 25 RLS Wiener Smoother from Randomly Delayed Observations in Linear Discrete-Time Systems
Chapter 26 A Non-Standard Practical Variational Approach via Fractional Calculus to the Optimal Control of Fractional Stochastic Systems Driven by White Noises
Chapter 27 Representation of the Shoe-Last Bottom Based on Computer Algorithms and Laser Metrology
Chapter 28 Role of Metrology on Current Food Safety Issues in China
Chapter 29 Symmetric Random Vectors for which the Joint Quantum Operators Span a Lie Algebra
Chapter 30 Pseudo Regularity in Commutative Banach Algebras
Chapter 31 Dynamics of Viscous Barotropic Fluid on a Rotating Sphere
Chapter 32 An Efficient Numerical Method for the Solution of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations on a Sphere
Chapter 33 A Mathematical Approach to the Slug Flow Problem in Oil Production
Chapter 34 Native Statistics for Natural Sciences
Chapter 35 Deterministic and Random Evolution
Chapter 36 Foundations of Iso-Differential Calculus. Volume 1
Chapter 37 Introduction to Geometry and Relativity
Chapter 38 An Overview on Theories and Methods of Self-organization
Chapter 39 An Ant Colony Optimization-Based Approach of Feature Selection for Efficient Classification of Very Small Datasets by Mining Patterns
Chapter 40 Self-organization and Task Allocation: An Application to Ant Algorithms
Chapter 41 The Generalized Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Application Examples
Chapter 42 Weights And Structure Determination of Artificial Neuronets
Chapter 43 Low-Dimensional Structures Embedded in Human Locomotion: Data Analysis and Modeling
Chapter 44 Self-organization in Motion of a Set of Living Individuals
Chapter 45 A Cellular Automata Method for Species Migration Process in a Heterogeneous Environment
Chapter 46 Robust Self-Adaptive Kalman Filter with the R and Q Adaptations against Sensor/Actuator Failures
Chapter 47 Regular Approximation of the Stochastic Pushdown Calculus
Chapter 48 Lyapunov Stability of Non-Autonomous Dynamical Systems
Chapter 49 Applications of Graph Theory in Architectural Analysis: Past, Present and Future Research
Chapter 50 Miesian Intersections: Comparing and Evaluating Graph Theory Approaches to Architectural Spatial Analysis
Chapter 51 The Algebraic Structure of Graphs
Chapter 52 The Combination of Graph Theory and Unsupervised Learning Applied to Social
Chapter 53 About Organizing and Structuring the Contents of Mathematical Subjects Using Graph Theory
Chapter 54 A Modularity Based Filtering Approach for Network Immunization
Chapter 55 Particle of Life: Mathematical Abstraction or Reality?
Chapter 56 Local Fractional Derivatives
Chapter 57 Fractional Variational Embedding and Lagrangian Formulations of Dissipative Partial Differential Equations
Chapter 58 A Class of Fractional Optimal Control Problems and Fractional Pontryagin's Systems. Variational Integrator and Existence of Continuous/Discrete Noether's Theorems
Chapter 59 Fractal Traps and Fractional Dynamics
Chapter 60 Numerical Approximations to Fractional Problems of the Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control
Chapter 61 Selected Topics of Invariant Measures in Polish Groups
Chapter 62 Foundations of Iso-Differential Calculus. Volume 2
Chapter 63 Hypergraphs and Designs
Chapter 64 Analysis of the Caputo Derivative and Pseudo State Representation with the Infinite State Approach
Chapter 65 Stability of a Class of Fractional Cauchy Problem
Chapter 66 Numerical Solution of Fractional Order Differential Equations Via -Based Methods
Chapter 67 On Analytical Methods for Differential Equations with Local Fractional Derivative Operators
Chapter 68 Extended Borel Transform and Fractional Calculus
Chapter 69 Introduction to Stability Theory of Linear Fractional Difference Equations
Chapter 70 Using The Hankel Operator to Initialize Fractional-Order Systems
Chapter 71 Fractional Reaction-Transport Equations Arising From Evanescent Continuous Time Random Walks
Chapter 72 Exponential Integrators For Fractional Differential Equations
Chapter 73 Non-Fragile Tuning of Fractional-Order PD Controllers for Integrating and Double Integrating Time-Delay Systems
Chapter 74 On Discrete, Finite-Dimensional Approximation of Linear, Infinite Dimensional Systems
Chapter 75 Advanced Fractional Differential and Integral Equations
Chapter 76 The Heuristic Power of the Non Integer Differential Operator in Physics: From Chaos to Emergence, Auto-Organisations and Holistic Rules
Chapter 77 Dynamics of Fractional Order Chaotic System
Chapter 78 Pressure Control of CNG Engines by Non-Integer Order Controllers: A New Trend in Application of Fractional Calculus to Automotive Systems
Chapter 79 Linear Integer Order System Control by Fractional PI-State Feedback
Chapter 80 From the Formal Concept Analysis to the Numerical Simulation of the Thermal Diffusion Phenomena in a Finite Medium
Chapter 81 Temperature Control of a Diffusive Medium Using the CRONE Approach
Chapter 82 Adaptive Second-Order Fractional Sliding Mode Control with Application to Water Tanks Level Control
Chapter 83 Features of Fractional Operators Involving Fractional Derivatives and Their Applications to the Problems of Mechanics of Solids
Chapter 84 Theory of Diffusive Stresses Based on the Fractional Advection-Diffusion Equation
Chapter 85 Modelling Drug Effect Using Fractional Calculus
Chapter 86 Fuzzy Fractional PID Controllers: Analysis, Synthesis and Implementation
Chapter 87 Foundations of Iso-Differential Calculus. Volume 3: Ordinary Iso-Differential Equations
Chapter 88 The Atomic Structure and Law
Chapter 89 Computing Algorithms For Solutions of Problems in Applied Mathematics and their Standard Program Realizati
Part 1: Deterministic Mathematics
Part 2: Stochastic Mathematics
Chapter 90 Foundations of Iso-Differential Calculus. Volume 4: Iso-Dynamic Equations
Chapter 91 A Proposed Cloud Computing Business Framework
Chapter 92 The Complexities of Math Skills Development
Chapter 93 Construction of an NP Problem with an Exponential Lower Bound
Chapter 94 Misconceptions and Misunderstandings (M&M) of Exploratory Factor Analysis: Some Clarifications
Chapter 95 Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling: A New Trend of Factor Analysis
Chapter 96 Quantum Information Measures and Molecular Phase Equilibria
Chapter 97 A Mathematical Model and Optimization of Rectangular Mufflers Hybridized with One-channel Splitters by SA Method
Chapter 98 Worst-case Analysis versus Average-case Analysis for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Chapter 99 Mathematical and Statistical Applied Methods: Studying the Relationship between Climatic Variables and Cotton Production
Chapter 100 Quantum Cryptography within Several Sequential Attacks in BB84 Protocol
Chapter 101 Foundations of Iso-Differential Calculus. Volume 5: Iso-Stochastic Differential Equations
Chapter 102 Computational Recipes of Linear and Non-Linear Singular Integral Equations and Relativistic Mechanics in Engineering and Applied Science. Volume I
Chapter 103 Computational Recipes of Linear and Non-Linear Singular Integral Equations and Relativistic Mechanics in Engineering and Applied Science. Volume II
Chapter 104 The Lax-Milgram Theorem and Some Applications to Partial Differential Equations
Chapter 105 Coupled PDEs and Control Systems Arising in Climate Dynamics: Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions and Tropical Instability Waves
Chapter 106 of PDE with the Help of Analysis over Octonions and Cayley-Dickson Algebras
Chapter 107 Mixed Boundary-Value Problem for Divergent Hyperbolic PDE: Existence and Properties of Solutions, Applications in Sequential Optimal Control with Pointwise in Time State Constraints
Chapter 108 Using Mathematical Tessellation to Model Spherical Particle Packing Structures
Chapter 109 Further Results on Fractional Calculus for Non-differentiable Functions Applications to Z-Transform and Generalized Functions
Chapter 110 Low Earth Orbit Satellite Constellations for Local Telecommunication and Monitoring Services
Chapter 111 Algorithm for Autonomously Calibrating Reference Flat of Interferometer and Residual Influence of Linear Shift with Two-Flat Method
Chapter 112 Dealing with Non-Significant Interactions Statuses between Treatments by a Suggested Statistical Approach
Chapter 113 Stochastic Simultaneous Perturbation As Powerful Method For State And Parameter Estimation In High Dimensional Systems
Chapter 114 Bounded Trajectories of Unstable Piecewise Linear Systems And Its Applications
Chapter 115 Mathematical Modeling For Predicting Battery Lifetime Through Electrical Models
Chapter 116 Mathematical Modeling of the Lithium-Ion Battery Lifetime Using System Identification Theory
Chapter 117 Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Soliton Solutions
Chapter 118 The Determinants of Capital Structure Choice for Chinese Listed Companies Based on Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Chapter 119 An Examination of Predictors and Outcomes Related to School Climate Using Latent Class Analysis
Chapter 120 Assessing Mediation in Simple and Complex Models
Chapter 121 Symmetric Boolean Functions
Chapter 122 Boolean Functions: All-Optical Implementation Using Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers in Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Chapter 123 Selective Harvesting and Time Delay in a Predator-Prey Model with Infectious Preys
Chapter 124 Analysis of an Age-Structured SEIL Model with Demographics Process and Lost of Sight Individuals
Chapter 125 Realizations of sl(3, ) In Terms Of Chebyshev Polynomials and Orthogonal Systems of Functions. Symmetry Breaking and Variational Symmetries
Chapter 126 Solitary Waves in the Nonlinear Dirac Equation at the Continuum Limit: Stability and Dynamics
Chapter 127 Modeling of Corruption in Hierarchical Organizations
Chapter 128 Binary Periodic Signals and Flows
Chapter 129 Pseudo-Matroids and Cuts of Matroids
Chapter 130 Foundations of Iso-Differential Calculus. Volume 6: Theory of Iso-Functions of a Real Iso-Variable
Chapter 131 Calculating Characterization of Monopsonic Degree in the Recycled Solid Waste Market in Metropolitan Regions of Brazil
Chapter 132 Estimation of Derivatives, from Economy to Environment: A Study of the Management of Eutrophication of a Fresh Water Basin’s Data
Chapter 133 Modeling Environmental Phenomena and Medical Classification of Patients: Case Studies
Chapter 134 Analysis of Effect of Environmental Discharge and Awareness Programs on Japanese Encephalitis Spread Using Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
Chapter 135 Estimation and Comparison of the Likelihood Ratios of Binary Diagnostic Tests
Chapter 136 Health Planning Information Acquired from Unstructured Data about Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 137 Applying Fuzzy Model to Map Vulnerability Areas of Trypanosoma Cruzi Transmission
Chapter 138 Usage of Automatic Theorem Proving in the Recognition of Brain Emotions Activations
Chapter 139 Radiology Information System with Knowledge Reasoning
Chapter 140 Design of Routes for Waste Collection: Centro Habana’s Case Study
Chapter 141 Comparison Methods of Digital Elevation Model Correction, in the Subwatershed V Aniversario, Cuyaguateje Basin Cuba
Chapter 142 An Integer Optimization Model for Waste Collection Frequency Problem
Chapter 143 Evolving an Intelligent Framework for Decision-Making Process in E-Health Systems
Chapter 144 Heart Diseases Prediction Using Data from Health Assurance Systems
Chapter 145 Iterative Algorithms I
Chapter 146 Iterative Algorithms II
Chapter 147 Chaos Theory and Financial Statements
Chapter 148 Applying Chaos Theory to Work: The Chaos Theory of Careers
Chapter 149 Application of Chaos Theory to Ventricular Wall Biomechanics
Chapter 150 Complexity and Synchronization in the Process of Biochemical Substance in a Diffusively Coupled Ring of Cells
Chapter 151 Unveiling the Escape Mechanism of Orbits in Hamiltonian Systems with Multiple EXIT Channels
Chapter 152 Mathematical Modeling of Intracellular Processes
Chapter 153 Improving the Efficiency of Bezier Basis Function in Object Surface Modeling
Chapter 154 Evaluation of Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis for Images
Chapter 155 From Pseudoholomorphic Functions to the Associated Real Manifold
Chapter 156 Numerical and Analytical Methods for Bond Pricing in Short Rate Convergence Models of Interest Rates
Chapter 157 Structural Transformations in the Relationships between Mathematics and Music up to the Renaissance and the Emergence of the Idea of Number as a Continuous Quantity

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  • Title: Mathematical Research Summaries With Biographical Sketches, Volume 1
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  • Length: 328 pages
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  • Publication Date: 2017-07-10
  • ISBN-10: 1536120219
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