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Discover the strategies, tools, and technologies necessary for developing successful mobile learning programs

In the modern, rapidly-expanding mobile learning environment, only clear guidelines and state-of-the-art technologies will stand up to the challenges that lie ahead. With a smart focus that combines a proven process with all-important strategies and practical applications, Mastering Mobile Learning stands as the most modern, comprehensive resource on the subject. It also features unique technical content previously unavailable among the literature of the mobile learning field. This book will help you turn concept into reality.

This book will show you best practices for obtaining and providing educational, training, and professional development content on devices like smartphones, and other . Trainers, educators, designers, instructional technologists, workplace learning professionals, and HR professionals will learn how mobile learning differs from other forms of e-learning, and will be introduced to the challenges and—more importantly—the advantages of mobile learning strategies and technologies for 21st century business environments. The book provides:

  • An overview of mobile learning, including evolving definitions and reasons for executives to embrace this approach
  • A discussion of the business drivers of mobile learning, advice for creating a mobile learning content strategy, and easy ways to inexpensively launch mobile learning
  • Valuable tips on how to use unique affordances of mobile devices to better serve your learners while they are on the go
  • Information on the ROI of mobile learning, using mobile devices as research tools, and why training in mobile development is critical
  • An overview of the technical aspects of the and development of mobile learning

Written by experts in this burgeoning field, Mastering Mobile Learning provides a roadmap for creating the most effective learning content, strategies, and applications possible.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Understanding Mobile Learning
Chapter 1: Enterprise Mobile Learning: A Primer
Chapter 2: The Seven Shifts in Enterprise Learning
Chapter 3: The Disruptive Nature of Mobile Learning
Chapter 4: Why Executives Should Care About Mobile Learning
Chapter 5: mLearning Is Not e-Learning on a Mobile Device

Part 2: Strategic Thinking About Mobile Learning
Chapter 6: The Six Ps of Mobile Learning Strategy
Chapter 7: The Business Case for Mobile Learning
Chapter 8: The New “Nomadism” as a Driver of Mobile Learning
Chapter 9: Creating a Mobile Learning Content Strategy
Chapter 10: Seven Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Launch Mobile Learning
Chapter 11: Building Brand Advocacy Through Mobile Learning
Chapter 12: Developing a Mobile Management Strategy
Chapter 13: Change Management Strategies for Mobile Learning

Part 3: The Varieties of Mobile Learning Experiences
Chapter 14: Categories of Mobile Learning Content
Chapter 15: Unique Affordances of Mobile Learning
Chapter 16: Leveraging Geolocation to Make Your Content More Relevant
Chapter 17: Incorporating Multi-Touch and Gestures into Mobile Learning
Chapter 18: Storing Preferences and Inferring Intent in Mobile Learning Experiences
Chapter 19: Using a Mobile Camera as a Powerful Learning Tool
Chapter 20: Employing Mobile Device Sensors for Enhanced Learning Experiences
Chapter 21: Alternative Reality Games as Mobile Learning
Chapter 22: Using Mobile Games for Sales Training and Assessment
Chapter 23: Voice and Messaging for Mobile Learning
Chapter 24: Using Mobile Devices as Research Tools
Chapter 25: Performance Support as a Form of Mobile Learning
Chapter 26: Mobile Learning in “Third Spaces”: The Move to Alternative Workspaces
Chapter 27: The Impact of Mobile Learning on Assessment and Evaluation

Part 4: Design and Development Processes for Mobile Learning
Chapter 28: Mysteries, Heuristics, and Algorithms: Design Thinking for Mobile Learning
Chapter 29: Ubiquity and Mobility as Design Considerations for Mobile Learning
Chapter 30: Design Considerations in Converting e-Learning to mLearning
Chapter 31: The Importance of Curation for Successful Mobile Experiences
Chapter 32: Selecting Tools for Mobile Learning Development
Chapter 33: Instructional Design Patterns for Mobile Learning
Chapter 34: Creating Digital Publications for Mobile Learning
Chapter 35: Designing for Multiple Screens in
Chapter 36: Designing for Context
Chapter 37: Using Mobile Devices to Leverage Social Media for Learning
Chapter 38: Responsive Design for Multiple Screen Formats
Chapter 39: Design Choices for Mobile Learning
Chapter 40: Maps 3.0: The New Route to Learning with Social Geospatial Data
Chapter 41: Using Push Notifications to Make Mobile Learning More Useful
Chapter 42: Improving Performance for Mobile Web and HTML5-Based Apps
Chapter 43: Understanding the Experience API
Chapter 44: Implementing Mobile Learning Metrics

Part 5: Managing and Delivering Mobile Learning Projects
Chapter 45: Managing a Mobile Learning Project Implementation
Chapter 46: in a Mobile World
Chapter 47: Education and Training for Mobile Development
Chapter 48: Integrating Mobile Learning with Social Media
Chapter 49: Budgeting for Social and Mobile Learning
Chapter 50: Keeping Up with New Developments in Mobile Learning

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  • Title: Mastering Mobile Learning
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  • Length: 360 pages
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  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2014-10-06
  • ISBN-10: 1118884914
  • ISBN-13: 9781118884911