Managing Human Resources, 16th Edition

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Gain a better understanding of how human resources impacts both individuals and organizations with this market-leading, practical text. Snell/Bohlander's popular MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES, 16TH EDITION builds upon a foundation of research and theory with an inviting, practical that focuses on today's most critical HR issues and current practices. The book's engaging writing style and strong visual use more than 500 memorable examples from a variety of real organizations to illustrate key points and connect concepts to current HR practice. Fresh cases spotlight the latest developments and critical trends, while hands-on applications focus on practical tips and suggestions for success.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Human Resources Management in Perspective
Chapter 1: The Challenge of Human Resources Management
Chapter 2: Strategy and Human Resources Planning
Appendix: Calculating Employee Turnover and Absenteeism

Part 2: Meeting Human Resources Requirements
Chapter 3: Equal Employment Opportunity and Human Resources Management
Appendix: Determining Adverse Impact: The Four-Fifths Rule
Chapter 4: Job Analysis and Job Design

Part 3: Developing Effectiveness in Human Resources
Chapter 5: Expanding the Talent Pool: Recruitment and Careers
Appendix: Personal Career Development
Chapter 6: Employee Selection
Chapter 7: Training and Development
Chapter 8: Performance Management and the Employee Appraisal Process

Part 4: Implementing Compensation and
Chapter 9: Managing Compensation
Chapter 10: Pay-for-Performance: Incentive Rewards
Chapter 11: Employee Benefits
Chapter 12: Promoting and

Part 5: Enhancing Employee-Management Relations
Chapter 13: Employee Rights and Discipline
Chapter 14: The Dynamics of Labor Relations

Part 6: Expanding Human Resources Management Horizons
Chapter 15: International Human Resources Management
Chapter 16: Creating High-Performance Work Systems

Integrative Cases
Case 1: 's MACH Program Designed to Help Millennial Grads Make a Difference-Fast
Case 2: BNSF Railway: Training New Hires for Safety
Case 3: Job Analysis and Hiring Decisions at Ovania Chemical
Case 4: Ill-Fated Love at Centrex Electronics
Case 5: Pepper Construction Group: Change in Safety Leads to Decline in Injuries and Illnesses
Case 6: Realigning HR Practices at Egan's Clothiers
Case 7: A Performance Appraisal Snafu
Case 8: The Last Straw for Aero Engine
Case 9: Employee Selection and Training at Meadowbrook Golf and Golf Ventures West
Case 10: Newell's Decision to Downsize: An Ethical Dilemma
Case 11: Someone Has to Go: A Tough Layoff Decision

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