Machine Learning and Intelligent Communications: Second International Conference, Part II

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Machine Learning and Intelligent Communications: Second International Conference, MLICOM 2017, Weihai, China, August 5-6, 2017, Proceedings, Part II ... and Telecommunications )

This two volume set constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Communications, MLICOM 2017, held in Weihai, China, in August 2017.
The 143 revised full papers were carefully selected from 225 submissions. The papers are organized thematically in machine learning, intelligent positioning and navigation, intelligent multimedia and , intelligent wireless mobile network and , cognitive radio and intelligent networking, intelligent internet of things, intelligent satellite communications and networking, intelligent remote sensing, visual computing and three-dimensional modeling, green communication and intelligent networking, intelligent ad-hoc and sensor , intelligent resource allocation in wireless and cloud , intelligent in wireless and optical communications, intelligent radar signal , intelligent cooperative communications and networking.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Application of Equivalent Mean Square Error Method in Scalable Video Perceptual Quality
Chapter 2. Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks by Hybrid Analytic Hierarchy Process and Graph Coloring Theory
Chapter 3. Spectrum Pricing in Condition of Normally Distributed User Preference
Chapter 4. Allocation Optimization Based on Multi-population Genetic Algorithm for D2D Communications in Multi-services Scenario
Chapter 5. Agricultural IoT System Based on Image Processing and Cloud Platform Technology
Chapter 6. Extension of 2FSK Signal Detection Utilizing Duffing Oscillator
Chapter 7. An Efficient DOA Estimation and Network Sorting Algorithm for Multi-FH Signals
Chapter 8. Study on Correlation Properties of Complementary Codes and the Design Constraints of Complementary Coded CDMA Systems
Chapter 9. A Novel Structure Digital Receiver
Chapter 10. Analysis of Passive Intermodulation Effect on OFDM Frame Synchronization
Chapter 11. Variable Tap-Length Multiuser Detector for Underwater Acoustic Communication
Chapter 12. Two-Phase Prototype Filter Design for FBMC Systems
Chapter 13. A Fine Carrier Phase Recovery Method for 32APSK
Chapter 14. Interferometric-Processing Based Small Space Debris Imaging
Chapter 15. Sparse Representation Based SAR Imaging Using Combined Dictionary
Chapter 16. Parametric Sparse Recovery and SFMFT Based M-D Parameter Estimation with the Translational Component
Chapter 17. A New Radar Detection Effectiveness Estimation Method Based on Deep Learning
Chapter 18. A Novel Parameter Determination Method for Lq Regularization Based Sparse SAR Imaging
Chapter 19. Downward-Looking Sparse Linear Array Synthetic Aperture Radar 3-D Imaging Method Based on CS-MUSIC
Chapter 20. Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm for ISAR Imaging Radar Based on Pulse Interleaving
Chapter 21. Direction of Arrive Estimation in Spherical Harmonic Domain Using Super Resolution Approach
Chapter 22. Adaptive Mainlobe Interference Suppression in Sparse Distributed Array Radar Based on Synthetic Wideband Signal
Chapter 23. Wideband MIMO Radar Waveform Optimization Based on Dynamic Adjustment of Signal Bandwidth
Chapter 24. Learning Algorithm for Tracking Hypersonic Targets in Near Space
Chapter 25. Coherent Integration Algorithm for Weak Maneuvering Target Detection in Passive Radar Using Digital TV Signals
Chapter 26. High-Resolution Sparse Representation of Micro-Doppler Signal in Sparse Fractional Domain
Chapter 27. Estimating of RCS of Ionosphere for High Frequency Surface Wave Radar
Chapter 28. Joint Mode Selection and Beamformer Optimization for Full-Duplex Cellular Systems
Chapter 29. Construction of Emergency Communication Network with Multi Constraints Based on Geographic Information
Chapter 30. Design of Turntable Servo Control System Based on Sliding Mode Control Algorithm
Chapter 31. Joint Power Allocation and Relay Grouping for Large MIMO Relay Network with Successive Relaying Protocol
Chapter 32. Generation of Low Power SSIC Sequences
Chapter 33. Intrusion Detection with Tree-Based Data Mining Classification Techniques by Using KDD
Chapter 34. Night Time Image Enhancement by Improved Nonlinear Model
Chapter 35. Research on Non-contact Heart Rate Detection Algorithm
Chapter 36. Lorentzian Norm Based Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Brain MRI Image
Chapter 37. A Virtual Channel Allocation Algorithm for NoC
Chapter 38. A Two-Layered Game Approach Based Relay's Source Selection and Power Control for Wireless Cooperative Networks
Chapter 39. A Novel Method of Flight Target Altitude Attributes Identification for HFSWR
Chapter 40. A Minimum Spanning Tree Clustering Algorithm Inspired by P System
Chapter 41. Transfer Learning Method for Convolutional Neural Network in Automatic Modulation Classification
Chapter 42. Pulse Compression Analysis for OFDM-Based Radar-Radio Systems
Chapter 43. Implementation of Video Abstract Algorithm Based on CUDA
Chapter 44. Realization of Traffic Video Surveillance on DM3730 Chip
Chapter 45. Fertilization Forecasting Algorithm Based on Improved BP Neural Network
Chapter 46. Green Resource Allocation in Intelligent Software Defined NOMA Networks
Chapter 47. An Algorithm for Chaotic Masking and Its Blind Extraction of Image Information in Positive Definite System
Chapter 48. Instruction Detection in SCADA/Modbus Network Based on Machine Learning
Chapter 49. A Joint Source-Channel Error Protection Transmission Scheme Based on Compressed Sensing for Space Image Transmission
Chapter 50. Local Density Estimation Based on Velocity and Acceleration Aware in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Chapter 51. Research on Millimeter Wave Communication Interference Suppression of UAV Based on Beam Optimization
Chapter 52. Global Dynamic One-Step-Prediction Resource Allocation Strategy for Space Stereo Multi-layer Data Asymmetric Scale-Free Network
Chapter 53. Machine Learning Based Key Performance Index Prediction Methods in Internet of Industry
Chapter 54. An Auction-Gaming Based Routing Model for LEO Satellite Networks
Chapter 55. Parameters Estimation of Precession Cone Target Based on Micro-Doppler Spectrum
Chapter 56. Automated Flowering Time Prediction Using Data Mining and Machine Learning
Chapter 57. Spatial Crowdsourcing-Based Sensor Node Localization in Internet of Things Environment
Chapter 58. Influence of Inter-channel Error Distribution on Mismatch in Time-Interleaved Pipelined A/D Converter
Chapter 59. Distributed Joint Channel-Slot Selection for Multi-UAV Networks: A Game-Theoretic Learning Approach
Chapter 60. Ship Detection in SAR Using Extreme Learning Machine
Chapter 61. Obtaining Ellipse Common Tangent Line Equations by the Rolling Tangent Line Method
Chapter 62. On Sampling of Bandlimited Graph Signals
Chapter 63. Data Association Based Passive Localization in Complex Multipath Scenario
Chapter 64. Design and Implementation of Multi-channel Burst Frame Detector
Chapter 65. Research on Cache Placement in ICN
Chapter 66. The Digital Chaos Cover Transport and Blind Extraction of Speech Signal
Chapter 67. A Multi-frame Image Speckle Denoising Method Based on Compressed Sensing Using Tensor Model
Chapter 68. Frequency-Hopped Space-Time Coded OFDM over Time-Varying Multipath Channel
Chapter 69. Dynamic Characteristic Analysis for Complexity of Continuous Chaotic Systems Based on the Algorithms of SE Complexity and C0 Complexity
Chapter 70. Design and Implemention of an Emulation Node for Space Network Protocol
Chapter 71. Optimization Spiking Neural P System for Solving TSP

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